Sales Performance Dashboard

Overwhelmed by multiple data sources? Find out how to streamline sales tracking, get real-time insights, and spark rep motivation all in one place with a sales performance dashboard. 

Sales Performance Dashboard

Sales involves many moving parts, and one of the best ways to keep track of these critical components is through a sales performance dashboard. There are various sales dashboard examples you can view to get an idea of what these entail, but in essence, sales dashboards display sales performance in real time. They measure key metrics, KPIs, and how well each individual sales team member is hitting their targets. 

Sales dashboards can be customized to suit the needs of your unique business goals. For instance, a sales performance dashboard Tableau template might be used to design a dashboard that’s compatible with Tableau. There are so many different ways that sales dashboards can be used to support your sales operations, no matter how large or small your organization is or what you’re hoping to get out of a dashboard. Sales dashboards can be a great motivator for your reps, as they often display real-time scores and metrics for how well individual team members are performing within different areas. 

Ambition offers sales performance management software through which users can design and implement sales performance dashboards. With Ambition, you can score your closing coordinators, processors, and analysts with daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly scorecards with each team in one central dashboard. Ambition’s dashboards and leaderboards give organization-wide visibility into every coordinator’s contributions on closing packages, closing schedules, and loan setups. This visibility helps drive the accountability and recognition to keep teams on track with funding and closing targets. 

Software and BI sales teams use Ambition to track dials, emails, appointments set and held, as well as conversion rates throughout the funnel. They can also gamify and coach around dashboard metrics to increase meetings and pipeline driven. Ambition’s software can help your business get started with creating effective sales performance dashboards and utilizing the tools necessary to get the most out of them. 

Sales Performance Report

A sales performance report helps track your sales team’s performance and efficiency, focusing especially on information related to the expected value of your pipeline. One performance KPI might be sales growth, while another could be customer churn rate. Various different KPIs may be compiled into a sales performance report, and you can view a sales performance report sample to get an idea of what information should be included. A sample of sales report can help you understand the most critical elements that go into such a report. 

Ambition offers free, downloadable sales report templates. You can download, copy, and use these templates to provide complete visibility for your executive leadership team, managers, and more. Ambition’s templates provide the exact KPIs you should measure and report on daily, weekly, or monthly. Data should be informative and engaging in order to properly convey your performance metrics and the message you’re aiming to get across. Visually communicating data is an important skill in the sales world, and Ambition’s sales report templates can help sales teams do so. With a sales performance report template you can present executive-level aggregation of data through leaderboards, charts, and graphs, as well as run your sales meetings with up-to-date progress of performance. 

An Executive Analysis

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Sales Performance Tools

Sales performance tools can help you create actionable sales goals for your team and monitor their performance over time. If you’re unsure of how to use these tools or how they can help create a performance dashboard, you can look at a sales dashboard template for a better idea of how they can work in concert. Sales performance management involves several critical elements, so it’s important to be aware of what you’re actually measuring and how certain tools can be used to enhance the process.

Ambition Dashboards compile all of your metrics all in one place. They are, essentially, your command center for the people and programs you manage, from latest competitions to goal tracking, from projections to team productivity. Also, with Ambition’s integration with Salesforce, users can get a complete, real-time view of each rep’s performance. This makes it a cinch to set the right goals, track progress, and coach up your team right when they need it. 

With sales performance tools like those offered through Ambition Dashboards, businesses can better monitor their sales teams and work towards creating better goals going forward. They can also help you carry out current tasks more efficiently and free up time that could be spent elsewhere.

Sales Performance Template

There are different sales performance template types available. If you have Excel, for instance, you might consider using a sales performance dashboard Excel template. A KPI dashboard example can show you different relevant KPIs that you might want to track with your sales team. 

Ambition’s free, downloadable scorecard templates come with built-in formulas, KPI examples, and a KPI calculator that show you the exact number of activities and objectives your reps need to complete over a given period of time in order to hit their objectives. This can better enable them to stay on track to build pipelines, smash quotas, and consistently hit their targets. 

Ambition turns templates into systems so that you can spend more time coaching and less time pivot-tabling. One of the free templates available through Ambition’s platform is the customer success scorecard, which lets you see whether or not your CSMs are performing the right activities that will lead to results. There is also a scorecard for sales managers. This shows managers where they are—and could be—spending their time.

Sales Dashboards

Sales dashboards can be useful in so many different ways, but first and foremost, they provide real-time updates on various aspects of your sales team’s performance. The best sales dashboards may come with a myriad of features; however, it’s important to pick and choose the metrics that are most relevant to your business, as dealing with more data than necessary can create confusion and hinder your progress.

Real-time sales dashboards are available through Ambition. These can be used to power your contests, coaching, and automated sales alerts. Best of all, you can create your sales dashboard with data from anywhere. With out-of-the-box Salesforce or API integration options, users can bring all of their data into a central sales dashboard. Also, if you have multiple existing data sources that are synced into your Salesforce CRM, they will seamlessly integrate into Ambition as part of that Salesforce installation process.

Ambition makes it easy for users to sort, rank, and modify their data to go beyond the numbers and drill down into individual contributors. Sales dashboard software is useless if it doesn’t allow you to perform actions or run programs that impact the numbers, which is why sales managers around the world are leveraging the power of Ambition’s sales dashboard software to automate contests, coaching, goal-setting, reporting, and more.

Sales Performance Tracking

Depending on the size of your business and what metrics your sales team is in charge of managing, sales performance tracking can either be relatively painless, or a total nightmare. Thankfully, with the right software in place, this can be manageable, especially by allowing you to enable your team to understand how to track sales performance in Excel. Whether you’re looking to perform a sales performance analysis or track performance on a more ongoing basis, you have many options in terms of tracking. 

Ambition’s software offers fully customizable sales leaderboards that allow users to track everything from conversion ratios to bottom-to-top metrics. With sales leaderboards making performance visible across the organization, your reps can be openly celebrated for their wins and get in on the competitive spirit. Ambition leaderboards support different types of ranking systems that allow users to customize them as they wish. Most importantly, Ambition’s leaderboards align teams on the metrics that matter most and reinforce behaviors that lead to big wins. Giving your team visibility into performance keeps everyone accountable to their goals and each other.

Sales Performance Contest

A sales performance contest is a gamified feature that can be leveraged by sales teams to motivate reps and encourage everybody to hit their targets. There are many different types of sales contest ideas, so you can really let your imagination run wild. It’s a fun, effective way to track sales that can get everyone involved and excited to give their all.

Ambition is the #1 rated sales gamification software on the market with over 3,000 sales managers powering their fantasy competitions, digital clubs and awards, and other gamified processes. Ambition’s sales gamification software enables users to motivate and engage their teams. It drives CRM adoption and overall performance. This award-winning sales software lets you create contests and leaderboards to drive meaningful behavior change. Endorsed by Google, Harvard Business Review and more, Ambition allows users to sync its software to Salesforce and automate individual goals and benchmarking, score sales rep productivity, run contests and leaderboards, track behavior, and automate celebration and issue detection through alerts. 

With Ambition’s fantasy football gamification software, businesses can draft into teams and compete via head-to-head matches. You can arrange reps and teams into brackets for the longer term fantasy contests, as well as to the shorter blitzes and challenges you’re running. All fantasy and challenge scoring can be weighted and is fully customizable so that reps can earn points and advance based on your desired criteria.

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