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Ambition is the #1 rated sales gamification software on the market. Over 3,000 sales managers choose Ambition's gamification software to power their fantasy competitions, head-to-head and team-based sales contests, SPIFFS, digital clubs and awards, and celebration sales alerts.
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Sales Gamification Software for Salesforce

Motivate and engage your sales team with sales gamification software that drives CRM adoption and overall performance. Ambition's award-winning sales software lets you create fantasy contests, sales TVs, leaderboards, and SPIFFs to drive meaningful behavior change.

Create accountability and recognition with live performance data synced directly from Salesforce or any CRM. Track and broadcast key metrics to personalized dashboards or to slides that embed directly into Salesforce or display on your web browser or a sales floor TV.

Ambition is a sales management cloud endorsed by Google, Harvard Business Review and AA-ISP as well as the #1 sales gamification and recognition platform rated by users on G2. Sync Ambition to Salesforce and automate individual goals and benchmarking, score sales rep productivity, run contests and leaderboards, track behavior and automate both celebration and issue detection through alerts. Recognize reps with digital clubs and awards, and coach your team to the top.

When your CRM data powers productivity scoring and competitions, you can be sure that your reps are logging activities, objectives and notes. You'll have visibility into the dials made or emails sent by noon, the meetings scheduled and held and you can view reps on a productivity quadrant to see who is converting activities into objectives and results.
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Fantasy Football for Sales Teams

Fantasy doesn't have to end when football ends. With Ambition's Fantasy Footbal gamification software, your organization drafts into teams and competes over a "season" consisting of weekly head-to-head matchups. At the end of the "regular season" the top four competitors will compete in a two week "Playoff" bracket, while the rest of the competitors participate in a consolation group. Expect a lot of fun, a little trash talking — and a huge lift in energy and engagement on your sales floor.

Arrange reps and teams into brackets for the longer-term fantasy contests in addition to the shorter blitzes and challenges you're running. All of the fantasy or challenge scoring can be weighted and is fully customizable so that reps earn points and advance based on the activities and objectives you want them focused on.

Sales is More Fun When You're Winning.
Sales gamification is a go-to for sales managers who need a quick lift in numbers. But with Ambition sales gamification software, you can do a whole lot more for long-term gains too. Spin up challenges in a flash, motivate your team, and drive lasting behavior change by aligning competitions with scorecards that track a blue print from dial to deal closed. Gamification software shouldn't require a ton of time and you shouldn't be limited in scoring options. Ambition's gamification tools are fast, flexible and fun.

Ignite the Competitive Spirit.
Sales reps are competitive at heart. Real-time, live contest scoring and projections give team members clear visibility into standings... take advantage of the psychology behind “last-place aversion” for individual, head-to-head challenges or leverage the accountability of team-based contests to create a culture built on winning for your team.

Sales contests should give you more than a short-lived spike. Ambition makes it easy to run strategic competitions that are aligned with your key initiatives and the KPIs that matter most to your reps, so you can move the needle and drive behavior change.

Visibility Across the Organization

Gamification is a tactic used to not only improve culture and boost performance, but it creates a laser focus on bringing visibility to KPIs across the organization. If you're team is remote or working from home, they can see everyone's productivity and performance right in Ambition or in Salesforce with the TV widget.

Contest standings, leaderboards for individual and team KPIs as well as celebration alerts for things like meetings booked or deals closed-- all serve to bring 360 degree visibility into performance and productivity. Your sales gamification tools should be more than a contest in a spreadsheet. Sales gamification software allows you to leverage motivation, recognition, and transparency to drive lasting performance improvements for your team.
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Digitize Your Sales Clubs and Awards with Accolades

President's Club? No Problem! Ambition's sales gamification tools include Accolades delivers the ultimate flexibility to sales teams, supporting both rewards programs that are automatically derived from metrics and programs that are manually operated at a manager's discretion. ‍

Whether your award program is recurring (such as the 500 Monthly Calls Club), or it's a one-off (such as a life-time $1M Revenue Award), Ambition's Accolades make it easy to define clubs and awards within Ambition, then give real-time, automated visibility into progress against those programs for reps, managers, and executives.

Reps can even award each other Accolades for lending a hand on a call, for being a great teammate or any discretionary awards that sales managers want to enable.
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Frequently Asked Questions about
Sales Gamification

The discipline of sales is largely a numbers game. Everything from sales forecasting to measuring win ratios revolves around numbers. We track and measure everything in the modern sales landscape. Sales gamification is a way to not only track performance, quotas and targets-- but take it a step further to impact the numbers. Industry research shows that on average, 64% of reps in a given selling group achieve quota. That's just over half. Sales gamification is taking the stage set for explosive growth to help more teams boost morale, improve culture, increase productivity, and amplify visibility to help more reps achieve quota.

Traditionally, sales gamification was manually tallied in spreadsheets, and the competitors had no visibility into real-rime standings. This type of sales gamification doesn't do the job of motivating reps day in and day out. Often times the behavior is short lived at the launch of the sales contest, but without visibility reps forget or give up if they know they won't come in first place.

Sales gamification software helps managers and reps see performance in real-time to encourage just 5 more dials or 3 more meetings when they see they barely trail a rep in the standings. With Ambition's sales gamification tools, you can motivate more of your middle with percent to target competitions, raffles, or activity based contests to level the playing field putting new hires on even ground with your most seasoned sales reps.

Sales gamification tools are becoming more widely adopted in the tech stack of mid-market and enterprise sales organizations. Sales gamification software has been endorsed by the Harvard Business Review and is used by a number of different types of sales and customer-facing teams. Ambition powers sales gamification for sports teams, fortune 50 companies, enterprise, and mid-market businesses around the globe. See a full list of case studies about how sales gamification worked to drive meaningful increases for these revenue teams.

Sales gamification is proving to be successful in driving more sales activities like calls and emails as well as primary sales objectives like booking meetings and closing deals.

See how one director used a fantasy football style competition for his team to drive a 200% lift in referrals.

Gamification can be everything from individual rep scorecards, to leaderboards that broadcast live standings from metrics, all the way to fantasy or challenge style contests. Scorecards gamify the daily activities a rep performs. The tasks are weighted with targets where the rep works to achieve a perfect “100” for the day by completing dial targets, email targets and more.

Sales Gamification encompasses the strategies metric-driven leaders employ to make crucial processes like onboarding, training, and daily productivity (think: dials made, emails sent, leads converted) more engaging to your sales rep and, better yet, more visible to the rest of your company. Simply put: You can turn any necessary activity that must happen in the normal sales process into a game, and watch your visibility, accountability, and overall productivity increase in record numbers. From multi-metric, Fantasy Football-style competitions to hour-long call blitzes with free prizes, Sales Gamification makes the daily grind of sales easy, fun, and holds every member of your team accountable to goals.

Sales Gamification is a powerful tool for employee onboarding, ongoing training, and to make the daily grind of sales more engaging and impactful.

  • Up to 7X conversion rates have been achieved by companies using sales gamification. (Neil Patel)
  • Games in the workplace can increase an employee's ability to learn new skills by 40%. (Dopamine)
  • 89% of people said when a task at work is gamified, they feel competitive, and more eager to complete it. (TalentLMS)