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Drive energy, motivation, and accountability across your in-office or remote sales team with the top performing sales leaderboard software. Broadcasting leaderboards in Slack, on sales TVs, or in your web browser or right within Salesforce is both easy and automatic with Ambition.
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Get Recognized. Feel the Love.

Sales Reps Love Ambition Leaderboards

Tracking activity metrics like outbound dials on a leaderboard motivates reps to increase output. Tracking objective metrics like booked meetings or pipeline created rewards and incents the quality of the sales activities. Whether you want to track conversion ratio metrics to see who is converting calls to meetings, bottom-to-top metrics where less is more, or everything in between, you can do it with Ambition's fully customizable sales leaderboards.

Custom-branded leaderboards, real-time goal tracking, and customizable anthems and gifs that are just a few of the reason sales reps love Ambition.

With sales leaderboards making performance visible across the organization, your reps feel the love when everyone can celebrate the wins and get in on the competitive spirit.

Ambition leaderboards support traditional rank, most-improved leaderboards, percent-to-target leaderboards, birthday slide types and more to allow you to customize the experience to suit your sales culture.

Remote sales reps can access leaderboard screens in their browsers, the Ambition app, Slack, and Salesforce so everyone's in on the action, no matter where they're working.

In-office teams that are in person on a sales-floor can stream the leaderboards and customizable slides to big-screen TVs to build atmosphere and energy.

"Highly recommend Ambition over any other gamification platform. My reps are obsessed with it, and it forces them to log their activities correctly. Monthly SFDC activities have jumped 142%."

Thomas Watanapun, Director of Sales, Peek

Motivate and Celebrate β€” in Real Time with Various Leaderboards and Other Metric Slide Types

Surveys continue to show that more than financial incentives, reps are motivated by performance visibility and public recognition. Ambition sales leaderboards and digital slides deliver both, so you can improve productivity and drive quota attainment, all while ramping up energy and boosting morale across your team.

Ambition goes beyond simple sales leaderboards to support competition-slide types if you're running spiffs, or you can leverage the sheer competition of the rank-style leaderboards, where every rep is trying to up performance to get to the top spot.

Display individual and team goals on slides combining the sales leaderboards with triggered alerts that fire every time a big milestone happens, takes your leaderboard strategy next level into a recognition and gamification initiative that delivers results.
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Banish Burnout and Unite Your Remote Sales Reps

Take your sales culture to the next level. Promoting healthy competition among peers and recognizing a job well done keeps reps engaged and fired up to sell. That means you'll retain talent, lift activity, and have a lot of fun along the way.

A gamification initiative is the perfect way to motivate your sales team. Sales leaderboards don't just have to show top performers and run the risk of alienating the middle or bottom of your sales group.

Drive more total attainment by leveling the leaderboard playing field and broadcasting percent-to-target leaderboards that show who is performing best to overall goal.

You can also consider most-improved sales leaderboard types to show who is making the most improvement gains each day, week, or month to give some newer reps or lower performers a chance to shine and feel engaged.

Increase Accountability for Every Rep

Ambition leaderboards align your teams on the metrics that matter most and reinforce behaviors that lead to big wins. Giving your whole team visibility into performance keeps everyone accountable to goals and each other β€” because no one wants to be at the bottom of the leaderboard. (Unless, of course, you're leveraging Ambition's bottom-to-top leaderboards, with "lower is better" metrics.)
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Frequently Asked Questions about
Sales TVs

A sales leaderboard showcases metrics in a rank, card, multi-metric or most-improved fashion to provide visibility into individual and team performance. Ambition sales leaderboards are the most robust of any sales performance management platform, allowing for flexible scoring scenarios and supporting custom media to act as digital signage.

Studies show that visibility into data is the number-one thing that sales reps are motivated by β€” more than financial incentives or compensation! When you broadcast sales leaderboards on your sales floor TVs, in Slack, over laptops or via email, you're providing automated, org-wide visibility.

In addition to motivating reps, more visibility creates more accountability. When reps can clearly see their progress against goals β€” and their peers' progress β€” they're even more inclined to pull their weight and hit their targets.

Leaderboards also ignite the team spirit, giving your reps the opportunity to recognize and celebrate wins in real time. This creates a feedback loop, reinforcing the right behaviors that achieve results.

There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to sales leaderboards, but typically, leaderboards should be a healthy mix of activities, objectives and results. Call leaderboards, meeting leaderboards and pipeline leaderboards are all common examples of leaderboard metrics.

Savvy sales managers understand the psychology behind leveraging sales leaderboards and may use metrics like percent-to-target leaderboards. Why? Visualizing the end goal alongside progress drives attainment.

Another powerful, but less common, leaderboard is a most improved style. These give newer or lower-performing reps the opportunity to appear on the board, which can be a huge confidence and morale booster. Meanwhile, they encourage your top reps to "best themselves," in order to appear on the board, so they are more likely to hit their stretch goals.