A Word From Our Happy, Ambitious Customers...
Mark Kosoglow
Easy to use. Great support. The YouTube Anthems are addictive to my reps. Adds huge visibility around key metrics and helped increase our SDR productivity by 2x. Read More
- Mark Kosoglow
Vice President of Sales | Outreach
Brad Freitag
Ambition gives me confidence we're moving pipeline, adds far more visibility into my leading indicators and lets me put incentives in place to influence team outcomes. Read More
- Brad Freitag
World Wide VP of Sales | Filemaker
Travis Huff
We didn't have a real-time reporting system for our reps to track their sales activities. Ambition is 100% driving that now. Ambition TV itself is amazing. The whole team loves it. Read More
- Travis Huff
B2B Sales Director | Wayfair
Drew Woodcock
I can't imagine our office without Ambition. After 18 months, we're using it across sales, account management and support. Tremendous value for data-driven sales leaders. Read More
- Drew Woodcock
Director of Sales | ChowNow
Adam Wall
Ambition empowers our sales managers to manage activity more effectively, and improves visibility into those metrics for 200+ team members on our sales force. Read More
- Adam Wall
Sr. Manager, Sales Operations | FiveStars Loyalty
Mark Christman
Ambition makes it easy to track metrics, see where people are throughout the day and show how activity impacts goals. Updates in minutes, faster than any competitor. Read More
- Mark Christman
Business Development Manager | VorsightBP
Lauren Hopson
Ambition helps me compare reps across different function, keep people engaged, and ensure we hit quarterly goals. We come in earlier, hit the phones and get it after more. Read More
- Lauren Hopson
Sales and Tactical Marketing Manager | Cell Marque
Ethan Bernstein
After launching Ambition, Clayton Homes saw an 18% spike in outbound calls and 200% increase in qualified referrals from their office of 60 inside sales reps. Read More
- Ethan Bernstein
Harvard Business Review Author | Clayton Homes
Ted Alling
Ambition transformed our company. The team aspect and live data helped us scale our business and add more ROI to our bottom-line. So easy to use and our reps loved it. Read More
- Ted Alling
CEO | Access America Transport
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Ambition has improved our client relationships, team awareness and enabled our sales, client services and agency relations reps to compare effort and performance. Read More
- Elizabeth Rodriguez
Agency Relations Manager | AfterCollege
Thomas Watanapun
Highly recommend Ambition over any other platform. My reps are obsessed and now log their activities correctly. Monthly SFDC activities have jumped 142% over 6 months. Read More
- Thomas Watanapun
Director of Sales | Peek
Jared Moore
Ambition is an easy way to get metric visibility from multiple systems, create performance goals and track results on one simple interface. Read More
- Jared Moore
General Manager | AMX Logistics
Dallas Hogensen
Ambition raised call volume 30% with zero negative feedback from my team. The transparency and real-time feedback loops drive daily productivity for our managers and our reps. Read More
- Dallas Hogensen
Head of Commercial Sales | Lyft
Robert Percoco
I have not seen the sales team so motivated in a long time. This is a powerful motivational platform that also equips my managers with quick, at-a-glance reporting. Read More
- Robert Percoco
Technology Manager | National Business Capital
Ron Ramsey
I immediately fell in love with Ambition. The Reporting/Trigger functionality made it easier to manage my reps, spot performance issues, and solve them quickly. Read More
- Ron Ramsey
Executive Vice President | Coyote Logistics
Christopher Cardenas
I enjoy how easy Ambition is to configure. No hidden settings. What you see is what you get. The fact that the platform can run via any browser/OS is awesome. Read More
- Christopher Cardenas
Network Security Admin | Globalscape
Ashley Hammonds
Ambition is critical to our success. I love the ability to have real time stats on what my guys are doing, work with agents who are lagging, and get the ship rolling again. Read More
- Ashley Hammonds
Vice President of Sales | Reliance Partners
Ryan Studebaker
Ambition makes small goals more fun and pushes our team forward in terms of activity. We're able to boost sales team activity and generate more revenue. Read More
- Ryan Studebaker
Strategic Growth | MemSQL
Craig Burel
We have 20% increases in activity/appointments since adopting Ambition. Highly recommend to any sales leader looking to enhance team accountability or manager visibility. Read More
- Craig Burel
Revenue Operations Manager | FiscalNote
Jen Schleuter
We're using Ambition across our sales and client services teams. Easy way for managers to define metrics and contests and drive employee behavior on a daily basis. Read More
- Jen Schleuter
Manager, Sales Operations | Cvent
Zach Wasson
The best part about Ambition is the user interface. The ability for sales competitions to be driven by almost up-to-the minute numbers sets this product apart. Read More
- Zach Wasson
Sales Training Team Lead | Total Quality Logistics
Meagan Halford
Ambition lets us put important KPIs front and center, so everyone knows where they are in real time. Creates a fun work culture and makes employees feel like part of a team. Read More
- Meagan Halford
Vice President of Operations | TA Services
Matt Waters
We implemented Ambition to help drive consistent Salesforce behavior - it's worked great. We saw our Salesforce adoption grow 84% during our latest quarter on Ambition. Read More
- Matt Waters
Director of Sales - North America | Continuum
Eric Riddle
Ambition gives your employees a real-time view into their production. If you're looking for a way to add hype to the sales/operations floor, Ambition is the way to go. Read More
- Eric Riddle
General Manager | Apex Logistics
Marijke Kemble
Ambition is very flexible and gets the office excited about success. The activity and objective metric categories keep us focused as we scale our sales management activities. Read More
- Marijke Kemble
President & General Manager | Inside Sales Team
Jeff Kirkchick
I love using Ambition. It helps me track the activity of my sales development reps, who are highly competitive and check Ambition a lot to see where they are. Read More
- Jeff Kirkchick
Vice President, Enterprise Sales | Next Caller
Steve Cox
Ambition shows my team who's doing what, in real time. Motivates top/bottom brokers in different ways and moved the curve for our entire company very quickly. Read More
- Steve Cox
President & COO | Steam Logistics
Zachary Snader
I can't think of another system I'd integrate with Salesforce to keep track of sales goals. A great way to manage and monitor sales team progress. Read More
- Zachary Snader
VP of Growth & Development | AppointmentPlus
Josh Ellis
Ambition enables my competitive reps to celebrate their wins. Engagement, motivation, conversion rate, close rate and activity have all improved post-adoption. Read More
- Josh Ellis
Vice President of Sales | FluentStream
Dave Theriault
Since the launch of Ambition, our sales team has experienced a 31% increase in productivity. Employee feedback and buy-in has been fantastic. Read More
- Dave Theriault
Business Development Manager | ITSavvy