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Ambition creates a healthy, competitive environment that keeps our team engaged, on top of their metrics, and current with Salesforce which provides more accurate reporting.
- Drew Woodcock
Director of Sales @ ChowNow
Creating transparency and real-time feedback loops have let our sales managers and reps increase their day-to-day productivity, bringing our daily call volume up almost 30%.
- Dallas Hogensen
Executive Vice President of Sales @ iCracked
Ambition not only improved productivity and morale, but also increased energy and gave us the ability to re-focus/direct the team's efforts at a moment's notice.
- Matt Baum
Director of Sales @ AfterCollege
We have been able to integrate Ambition with our proprietary systems, giving us visibility on a variety of metrics from both systems in one simple place.
- Jared Moore
General Manager @ AMX Logistics
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