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7 Ideas for Your Next Cold Calling Blitz


7 Ideas for Your Next Cold Calling Blitz

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7 Ideas for Your Next Cold Calling Blitz

Cold calling blitzes: love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re a tried-and-true way to get a lift in performance and engagement from your sales team.

But they can easily start to feel a bit...tired. That’s especially true if you’re running the same call blitzes over and over again; you’re inevitably going to start getting diminishing returns. 

Another issue we see all too often with cold call blitzes is how underestimated they are — even when they’re being overused! Sales managers make the mistake of running blitzes for the sole purpose of achieving a quick (but short-lived) spike in energy and activity.

A spike is great, but wouldn’t you prefer for that spike to just...keep trending upwards? The best blitzes are the ones that give you a short-term lift and that drive lasting behavior change. Here’s how you can do both — plus, get a little inspiration for your next blitz.


What is a call blitz?

A lot of terms related to sales gamification get thrown around interchangeably, so we’ll start by making sure we’re all on the same page. A sales call blitz is a highly focused period of call activity (typically anywhere from an hour to a full day) in which the whole team participates. 

Blitzes focus on specific activities or metrics, and generally, there’s a contest or scoring component, or a target that reps are trying to hit before the clock runs out.

Sometimes, blitzes are part of a larger business strategy or objective — for example, sharing a new offer, product or service with prospects, or gaining traction in a different market or geography. 

Why do call blitzes work?

Call blitzes are all about intensity and momentum. They should be used to shake up a normal day on the job, pulling your reps out of their usual routine and creating a sense of urgency and excitement around call activity.

Cold call blitzes are popular because...well, cold calling is hard and can suck the life out of you. When you’re doing it as a team, though, there’s a great sense of camaraderie and it can actually be — dare we say — fun. (Especially when there’s a prize at stake.)

Of course, all of that helps create a lift in activity, but how do you use a call blitz to drive long-term performance improvement? At Ambition, here are a few best practices we follow to see immediate and lasting impact. 

  • Prepare (and get pumped up): Everyone gets together pre-blitz (virtually) to discuss any pertinent cold call tactics or techniques.  

  • Pick the right metrics: Go beyond the dials. Making a million calls and having nothing to show for it doesn’t do you any favors. When our sales team does a call blitz, we look at multiple metrics and weight them according to importance:

    • Calls: 1 point for every 10 calls

    • Call Connects: 2 points for every connect

    • Talk Time: 1 point for every 2 minutes of talk time

    • Meeting Set: 5 points

This takes both hustle and effectiveness into account, so we’re still rewarding hard work, but giving extra weight to quality conversations (talk time) that result in our desired outcomes (meetings set). This is key to reinforcing the right behaviors, and it’s a great way to drive home skill development that you’re working on in your sales coaching sessions.

  • Post-mortem: This is built into every single call blitz we do. Our SDR team spends 15 minutes at the end of the blitz to debrief on how things went, review scores, and listen to any calls that resulted in meetings set. (Real-time sales coaching FTW!)

7 creative cold calling blitz ideas for your team 

Keeping your call blitzes fresh is a key to ensuring they’re engaging and effective. You don’t have to break the bank doing that, though. Here are a few ideas for your next blitz.

  1. Get the music pumping: This is something we do on the reg’ in the office, but you can also get remote teams pumped up with shareable playlists, or download an app that lets every listen to the same music in real-time. Let your reps take turns putting the playlist together. 

  2. Blitz in style: Surprise your team with some new swag, or get them outfitted with some completely ridiculous accessories. (A recent fave: these sweet shades that everyone wore during our last blitz.) 

  3. Score some fun prizes: Again, you don’t have to spend a lot of money here; the idea is that you’ve just got something that ignites the competitive spirit. Doing an early morning blitz? Send the winner some bucks on DoorDash/GrubHub/UberEats to treat themselves to lunch. Or do a “winner’s choice” and have a few options for your winning rep to select from. 

  4. Leverage triggers and alerts: Especially if you’re remote, keep visibility high (for the team and company) by ensuring you’ve got real-time alerts and gifs firing off every time someone sets a meeting. 

  5. Stretch it out: Your call blitz may only last a few hours, but you can keep the energy up by aggregating scoring over the course of a week or month, and then crown a winner.

  6. Make it a team sport: Set a target for the whole team to hit, versus individual benchmarks. Then come up with a team prize everyone can get behind — like a Friday half-day.

  7. Go big or go home: Instead of shooting for volume, go for size. Reward the rep who makes the biggest sale, or hooks a prospect with the highest revenue potential.

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