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Ambition sales dashboards turn your raw sales data into actionable performance insights, so you can make smart, strategic decisions and execute on performance improvement.
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Real-Time Sales Dashboards to Power Your Contests, Coaching and Automated Sales Alerts

Create Your Sales Dashboard with Data from Anywhere

Improve sales performance by moving away from static sales dashboards and into dynamic sales dashboard software that can automate goal tracking, power competitions, and be broadcast into sales leaderboards that are visible to the entire organization-- whether on the sales floor together or dispersed across the country.

Ambition was designed to be the heart of your sales tech stack. With out-of-the-box Salesforce or API integration options, you can bring all of your data into a central sales dashboard.

If you have multiple data sources already synced into your Salesforce CRM, they will seamlessly integrate into Ambition as part of that Salesforce installation process.

Your sales dashboard software should be able to house many metrics from multiple sources without requiring you to get a masters degree in CRM administration.

Ambition makes it easy to sort, rank and modify your data to go beyond the numbers and drill down into the individual contributors that make up the data allowing you to coach to the right metrics for the right people.

Sales dashboard software is useless if it doesn't also allow you to perform actions or run programs that impact the numbers. That is why over 3,000 sales managers around the globe are turning away from managing their team out of a customer relationship management software-- leveraging the power of Ambition's sales dashboard software to automate contests, coaching, goal-setting, reporting and more.
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"We adopted Ambition because we had a problem. We didn't have the level of visibility or excitement around how things were going in the office. Ambition has helped double our SDR productivity. Great support. Easy to use."

Mark Kosgolow, VP of Sales, Outreach
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Not Just a Sales Dashboard, but Automated, Proactive Sales Alerts

Proactive sales management is made possible by automated trigger alerts via email, Slack or your sales TVs. You don't need to wait to log into a dashboard to find out a deal advanced a stage. Celebrate your rep as soon as the milestone happens with a celebration alert that you receive via email or Slack or on a Sales TV if your team is in office. The power of recognition as a sales management tactic can have big impact on sales performance.

When you need to keep an eye on performance and productivity, you can set issue detection alerts for calls, meetings, or other key KPIs falling off pace. Receive the issue detection alert to step in and coach before the targets are missed-- without ever logging in to your sales dashboard.

"Ambition gives me visibility into my leading indicators and lets me put incentives and pushes in-place to influence outcomes that we are looking for."
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Go Beyond Basic KPIs and Unlock Efficiency Metrics

Efficiency metrics are a better way to gauge performance than sheer quantity counts when it comes to sales KPIs. These efficiency percentage metrics tell you who's performing well (and who's not) based on the opportunities they're given. All of these are coachable metrics where you would expect to see your reps improve over time β€” and you can view them right inside your Ambition sales dashboard. A few examples:

  • Call connects to meetings set ratio
  • Meetings held to opportunity ratio
  • Emails sent to emails open ratio
  • Calls to call connects ratio

Ambition's sales dashboard software shows you how your reps are taking β€œat-bats” and converting those through your sales funnel. Don't assume that the rep with the most meeting sets is the top performer. Leverage the ratio of call connects to meeting sets to understand your top converter and what it could mean if they improved connects with more quality lists. These are the metrics that show how sales managers are making improvements through coaching sessions and they are automated for you in Ambition.

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Coaching, Contests, KPIs, Goals, and Progress β€” All in One Place

Your CRM is a customer relationship management tool, not a sales management tool. Ambition sales dashboard software lets you keep important metrics and receive alerts on deal changes or performance issues, but it goes beyond that to let you influence the outcomes.
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Sales Dashboard Examples

Sales Development Daily Dashboard Example

  • Track daily calls, emails, sms, and social connections for every rep.
  • Monitor touches to target accounts and ensure every rep completing those activities.
  • See meetings set and how each rep compares against the leader.
  • Show trends over time for calls, emails, meetings and pipeline conversion.
  • Show pipeline $$$ per rep, progress toward team goal, and conversion of meetings to pipeline.
account executives dashboard metrics

Account Executive Monthly Rollup Example

  • Number of demos scheduled
  • Number of demos held
  • Conversion of demos to qualified opportunities
  • Average deal size per opportunity
  • Conversion rate of opportunities to closed won deals
  • Annual contract value and total contract value month to date

Commonly Tracked Sales Dashboard Metrics

Sales dashboards can show performance at the rep, role, team, or organization level. Here are some examples of commonly tracked metrics that appear in sales dashboards:
  • Dials Made
  • Inbound calls received
  • Emails sent, opened, or clicked
  • New contacts added
  • Meetings/appointments set
  • Meetings held
  • Qualified opportunities
  • Average order value
  • Meeting held to qualified
    opportunity conversion rate
  • Qualified opoprtunity
    pipeline $ value
  • Won opportunities
  • Lost Opportunities
  • Opportunity to closed won/lost
    conversion rate
  • Tickets created,
    working, resolved
  • QBRs scheduled, held
  • Expansions/Renewals
  • Churn Rate

Frequently Asked Questions about
Sales Dashboards

The choice of metrics can vary depending on the business model and sales process, but common key metrics include:

  • Sales Revenue: Total income from sales activities.
  • Conversion Rate: The percentage of leads that turn into customers.
  • Average Deal Size: The average revenue generated per deal.
  • Sales Cycle Length: The average time it takes to close a deal.

Including a mix of outcome metrics (like revenue) and performance metrics (like conversion rate) offers a balanced view.
Ambition goes above and beyond to make sure our sales dashboard software is innovative and top of the market.

Consider the following factors:
  • Integration Capabilities: It should easily integrate with existing sales tools and databases.
  • Customization: Offers flexibility in dashboard design and metric tracking.
  • Scalability: Can grow with your business needs.
  • User Interface: Intuitive and easy to navigate.