Careers at Ambition

Sales Engineer / Account Manager
Jan. 8, 2017

This role is multi-faceted with responsibilities including sales engineering and account management. 

Sales Engineering

  • Assist sales team in pre-contract technical diligence. This includes working with potential customer's IT team to determine how they will connect their data to Ambition. 
  • Help new customers in connecting/testing their data to Ambition. 
  • Create systems, process, documentation to streamline this responsibility. 

Account Management

  • Work with existing customers to ensure product adoption, utilization, success using Ambition. This will include analyzing data, creating presentations, consulting on best practices, implementing workflows. 
  • Earn commissions based on customer engagement and renewal.

Experience Acquired

  • Working with founders to strategically define, measure, refine company's interaction with customer base. 
  • Working with sales to learn sophisticated, high-touch solution selling.
  • Working with engineering to design and implement systems to increase efficiency and efficacy of your job. 
Account Executive
Nov. 15, 2016

Shame doesn't register on your richter scale. Most nights are spent tossing and turning. You value a firm handshake and respect eye contact. Your high school voted you "Best". You strive to be great. You crave success and find the uninspired incredibly frustrating. You don't believe in luck. You once ran a 4.2 forty but nobody was there to see it. You have Ambition.

If you want this job, find a way to make it yours.

VP of Sales
Oct. 15, 2016

Ambition is looking for a leader. Somebody that sets tempo, builds process, coaches behavior, and scales revenue.

You’ve spent the last five years building a system, perfecting your SaaS playbook, and exceeding goals. You’re ready for your defining moment. It’s your time to achieve greatness.

We’ve spent the last two years building the product that will serve as the foundation of your empire. Ambition is ready for prime-time. The stage is set and the audience is willing.

Who You Are:

  • SaaS Veteran. You’ve spent thousands of hours studying the game… you know the players, read the blogs, understand the models, and sell the solutions. You’re the best of both worlds… muscle memory combined with hunger to be challenged and evolve.
  • Natural Leader. People follow you because they respect you. You hold yourself to a higher standard and empower those around you to be great.
  • Systems Oriented. You understand that process drives results and discipline crosses finish lines. If it’s not measurable, repeatable, and scalable then it’s redefined until it is.
  • Solutions Driven. Problems exist to be solved. Objections exist to be overcome. Goals exist to be reached.
  • A Coach. This word means more to you than it does to most people.

Who We Are:

  • Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We sell Ambition, both figuratively and literally. Our product is a best-in-class sales productivity platform and our competition is sandboxed and outdated. This is our year to win.
  • Engineering-heavy. At risk to ourselves, the last twenty months have been spent building a solution the right way. Ambition is flexible, powerful, beautiful, and provides meaningful value.
  • Building out sales, success, and support... it’s time to convert potential energy into kinetic.
  • Google Ventures, SV Angel, Redpoint Ventures, and Y Combinator funded us to build a product and go to market.

What We Need:

  • Somebody ready to take everything we’ve learned at Ambition and codify it into something more efficient, more compelling, more profitable.
  • Somebody willing to recruit and hire, teach and listen, sell and support.
  • Somebody comfortable setting and exceeding aggressive goals.
  • Somebody at that critical inflection point in life where risk is attractive, nights are sleepless, and legacy is defined.

If This is Your Calling:

  • Introduce yourself. Start a relationship.
  • Send us a resume that focuses on the experiences that have prepared you for this role. Include milestones achieved and lessons learned along the way. Include references and sales numbers.
  • Create an Ambition pitch deck. Utilize our website, blog, and product demo. Schedule times to both qualify and pitch us.
  • Walk us through your manifesto. What makes you more passionate, more qualified, more capable than everybody else?
  • Tell us why you will win.
  • Make this job yours.