Competitions: An Element of Coaching

Frontline sales leaders are responsible for aligning their team around shared goals and motivating them with contests, accolades, and other incentives. With Ambition, you can improve the energy and engagement levels of your reps by leveraging gamification, an element of coaching.

Hear how these leading sales coaches celebrate rep wins and milestones.
Enroll Reps in Learning Tracks, When They're Ready
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“High achievers want to exceed 110 calls. After we implemented Ambition, we hit that consistently. When we set up manager notification to alert them to reps hitting 250 calls, people started hitting it. Now up to 10% of our reps do it every day.”

- Director of inbound sales, software company

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Standardize Your Core Coaching and Enablement Programs

Highlight Your Top Performers and Motivate Everyone

Leverage our integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx, or use TVs to amplify achievements via leaderboards. Recognizing wins like SDR meeting sets or AE closed/won deals motivates the entire cross-functional team and can serve as peer<>peer learning opportunities.

Run Competitions at Scale and Accelerate Team Productivity

Fire up your sales team and keep upping the ante with contests you can draft and deploy in just a few clicks. Ambition automatically tracks and reports standings for call raffles, activity blitzes, objection bingo, team vs. team competitions, and more, in real-time.

Enroll Reps in Learning Tracks, When They're Ready
Report on Rep Progress and Program Effectiveness

Recognize Every Achievement with Customized Awards

Incentivize closings, activity completion, and culture contributions with Ambition accolades—virtual awards and badges you can customize and give reps when they hit defined goals. Milestones like sending 300 emails in a day, the best cold call, or joining the President's Club are all moments worth celebrating to maintain momentum.

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