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Automate Goal Tracking through Metrics

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Increase Goal Attainment With Sales Tracking Software

Setting and tracking progress towards goals is critical to attainment, but your sales tracking software needs to also give a blueprint and track the steps that lead to successful outcomes. What do modern, successful sales cultures have in common? They are all target-driven.

Step one in creating a target-driven sales environment is setting up a cause and effect relationship between activity, objectives, and results.

By reviewing your sales goals then nailing down a few key activities that produce desired objectives for each part of your team, you'll be directly driving goal alignment and attainment. That is what Ambition's goal management software does today for over 3,000 sales managers.

Individual goals, team goals, and organizational wide goals are all easily tracked with Ambition's sales tracking software.

Measure and visualize each rep's contribution toward a team goal leveraging accountability strategies and automate each rep's progress toward individual goals in real time without ever being forced to run or refresh a report.

What is Sales Tracking Software?

Sales tracking software automates the tracking and reporting of all sales KPIs from activity down to results.

Most sales tracking software works by integrating with the rest of your tool stack to aggregate data from a number of places into one centralized place.

Sync your dialer into Ambition's sales tracking software to automatically track the number of calls each rep is making on their personalized scorecard.

Utilize your CRM data in Ambition to show who is converting phone calls to meeting and pipeline. Integrate your conversation intelligence tool into Ambition to compete on key phrases or pitches your reps are instructed to make.

With Sales tracking software like Ambition in place, sales leaders not only get visibility into performance, but can impact it by choosing flexible scorecard targets, broadcasting leaderboards of metrics in front of the team to recognize and motivate, and visualize percent-to-target goal performance that updates in real-time.
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Here is an example of the sales goal setting process:

  1. Choose end result based on targets required by your board or executives or look for a percent lift/increase from last year. Once you identify the end result, you need to create activity and objective goals that will lead your sales reps to hit the end result.

  2. Set an objective like booked meetings that will lead to the end result
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Examples of Sales Metrics to Track:

  • Dials made
  • Emails sent
  • Meetings set
  • Meetings held
  • Closed won deals
  • Ratio of meetings held to deals closed
  • Ratio of meetings set to meetings held

How to Set Sales Goals

Sales goals are typically set based off of historical performance and incremental improvements. The most important part of setting sales goals is to not only factor in the end results of revenue sold or number of deals won, but the activities and objectives that provide a clear path to the targets and outcomes.

Sales tracking software can help track the activities, objectives and the end results to help your team iterate and improve toward goal progress along the way.

When setting sales goals, you must be using reliable, real-time data to guide you to your sales goal numbers.

Don't just set a goal for what you want the team to sell. If you set goals too high, you're team won't be motivated to try for it. If you set your bar too low, you're missing huge revenue opportunities and not developing your sellers to reach full potential.

To identify the number of "booked meetings," you need to reach your sales goal, you must identify your average performance ratio of meetings-to-deals closed in your historical performance.

To break it out: Let's say your end goal is to sell 100 deals. If last year 10% of all booked meetings ended up as closed deals, your team would need to book 1,000 meetings this month to get you to our target of 100 closed deals this month.

You could also achieve the sales goal by placing a coaching focus on improving your "meetings set to closed: won ratio." More volume is not always the answer. It should be attacked from multiple angles.

Sales managers would then take this a step further and identify the number of phone calls and emails it takes to get the number of booked meetings needed. Ambition automates all of this math for managers through a sales scorecard system in our full suite goal management software.

Your goal management software should assist you in setting goals and improving benchmarks automatically for your reps to help take this manual math out of the equation.

Ambition can help your team automate the entire process!

Why Does Sales Tracking Matter?

Sales tracking is essential to goal attainment for your sales reps. Even if you aren't using goal management software on your sales team, you should be tracking the activities, objectives and results in a visible way because studies show that visible goals lead to higher attainment.

Visible sales tracking also allows you to coach your reps and impact your middle performers where you are likely to see the biggest gains on your sales team. If you aren't tracking data, you don't have insight into which part of the sales funnel your reps need coaching around. Are they dialing in the right ICP? Are they handling objections? Your goal management software is not just about measuring outcomes but impacting them along the way.

Sales tracking is not effective when it is buried in a spreadsheet-- so it needs to be super visible to your team in real-time. When you integrate sales gamification and sales coaching into your tracked data, you are working to make your tracked data actionable and impact the outcomes of the data.
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