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10 Sales Competition Ideas That Will Fire Up Your Team

These contests will drive KPIs, motivate your sales team — and honestly, be a lot of fun!

In our recent 2019 State of Sales Survey, we found out that we aren't the only ones partial to sales gamification. Over 70% of sales teams surveyed were either currently running a competition or planning to soon. Seems that competitions are becoming increasingly engrained in successful sales culture. To help you keep your contests fresh, affordable, and aligned with metrics that matter, we're bringing some fresh contest inspo — read on!

Before launching your next contest, here are a few things to consider:

1️⃣Actions over outcomes will keep your reps more engaged. They have control of how many times they pick up the phone much more so than revenue booked.

2️⃣Real-time, super visible metrics fuel the fire. Our survey indicated that visibility into numbers was an even bigger motivator than incentives.

3️⃣Don't always lean on "first place winner" contests. Move outside the box to engage more of your middle. Fantasy competitions are great for this. 

4️⃣Stir the pot and build the momentum. Get people fired up and make sure the winner gets their incentive real-time. This is what keeps people motivated to compete in the future.


5 head-to-head challenges to fire up your team: 

Description: Every 50 outbound calls earns a raffle ticket. Obviously, the more raffle tickets you have, the more likely you are to win, but it's still a game of chance. 

Why it works: It keeps the entire team engaged, even if they don't come in first place. 

The setup: Assign 1 point for every 50 calls. Every point earns a ticket. At the end, draw the raffle number, and the person with the winning ticket gets the prize. 

Best for: Outbound sales teams


Description: Compete on calls and emails together with a multi-metric challenge.

Why it works: Rather than focusing on a single activity that prevents reps from focusing on their daily responsibilities, this one encourages to go above and beyond on all activity metrics.

The setup: Assign a multi-metric challenge for the value of number of calls and emails. Highest for a 3-hour block wins the afternoon off. 

Best for: Inside sales teams


Description: Compete on calls, connects, and meetings set all together.

Why it works: Focusing on the activity metrics rewards the effort and efficiency metrics reward the experience. Combining them together ensures that your team doesn’t sacrifice quality for quantity. You can also get a good feel for win rate averages and drill down to knowing how many calls you must make to hit your meetings booked quota. Predictable attainment! 

The setup: 1 point for every call, 2 points for every connect, 3 points for every meeting set. One day or one week in duration ought to get your AEs feeling booked on their calendars! 

Best For: Inside sales teams

BIGGIE SMALLS VS. TUPAC (East Coast vs West Coast)
Description: A team vs. team contest for who can book the most meetings

Why it works: Focusing on objectives like meetings booked that are more controllable and influenceable than, say, revenue booked, allows your team to have power over the outcome and they’ll be doing the things that are directly attributable to results and quota.

The setup: This one is simple. Divide into two teams by territory and the most meetings booked in a day or week (your choice) wins! The idea of shorter time frame challenges prevents fatigue and keeps the competition focused and fun. 

Best for: Sales teams who utilize territory


Description: Double the commission for closed deals on this day.

Why it works: We aren’t ones that often advocate for competing on outcomes over activities and objectives, but pulling this one out gets your team flexing their closing skills and encouraging them to nudge their opportunities a little bit more. 

The setup: Create a one-day challenge around deals closed. Everyone gets double commission and the overall winner leaves early on Friday. 

Best for: Account execs


5 fantasy style challenges to fire up your team: 

Description:  Go outbounding to named accounts! Create paired teams made up of an AE and SDR. Launch a 4-week fantasy competition with a set list of named accounts and work to get meetings booked.

Why it works: This challenge works by ensuring that you're booking meetings with prospects that are an ideal fit, flexes outbounding skills — and the teamwork keeps reps accountable and engaged. 

The setup: Pairs of AEs and SDRs have a declared list of named accounts they are going after for the week. Give a point for every call, a point for every email, and 10 points for every meeting they set with one of the named accounts. The points system rewards the activity and the objective. 

Best for: AE/SDR teams



Description:  Pair up newbies with veterans to compete on efficiency metrics, like connects to meetings set.

Why it works: You'll help ramp your less experienced reps by letting them learn from a seasoned peer who is invested in them getting it they can win, together!

The setup: Choose a metric, like connects to meetings set, so that your team is flexing some selling skills to make the most of activity, pair up the teams, and launch a fantasy setup for 4 weeks.

Best for: Fast-growing sales teams


Description:  This focuses on high-dollar opportunities. Encourage reps to look for upsells, more licenses, or ways to increase the overall order size. Week over week, the rep with the largest opportunity advances in the bracket

Why it works: It encourages your team to make the most out of every lead and not discount too often or too quickly.

The setup: Super simple setup. Largest opportunity size by way of $$ advances 

Best for: Higher volume sales teams

Description:  Encourage your reps to hit their scorecards targets with fantasy competitions that advance the rep with the highest activity score for the week. 

Why it works: The activity scorecards are a reflection of the most important daily and/or weekly activities and metrics the reps are supposed to be spending time on. You can really build healthy activity habits by encouraging reps to end the week with the highest activity score to advance in the bracket. 

The setup: This works best if the activity scorecards are set up weekly. 

Best for: Any teams, because scorecards that are role-specific level the playing field!



Description:  Referrals are known to close at higher rates than other opportunities. Focusing your team on keeping solid relationships with current customers and seeking out referral meetings is a way to get more quality opportunities in your pipeline.  

Why it works: These referral meetings are in addition to all the other usual channels. You'll get an instant bump in warmer meetings.

The setup: Differentiate your meeting set types so you can track referrals separately. Reward the top 3 reps that book the most referral meetings. 

Best for: Any teams who set meetings!


Bonus material: 3 incentives you might not have tried before

1️⃣ Professional development. Stats show your reps are craving it, and bonus for makes them better at their jobs!

2️⃣Balloon pop: Each balloon is stuffed with a piece of paper stating the prize (ranging from high end to low end). They pop the balloon to see what they get. Why it works: there's an allure of a high-end prize that gets your team fired up to sell and you never know which week you end up handing it out. It's a good way to keep luxury prizes affordable by making them more a game of chance.

3️⃣Raffle tickets: handing out tickets for, say, every 25 calls, every 75 emails, every 3 meetings booked — then choosing the raffle winner at the end is a way to keep your entire team engaged even if they know they won't finish first. There's still a chance to win!

4️⃣LinkedIn ads. As an incentive, do a small, targeted run of ads on LinkedIn where the rep gets all the leads! Territory, enterprise. Doesn't matter. Any leads that your ad brings in, you get to work. You'll want to partner with your marketing team on this one, but it is a great test to run and gets your rep sleuthing groups and conversations to be a part of on LinkedIn that they can followup target with their ads.

Want to be the competition expert-in-residence on your team? Download our free playbook: Winners Guide to Sales Contests!


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