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Ambition Gamification - TVs and Leaderboards

Sales is more fun when you’re winning.

Gamification is a go-to for sales managers who need a quick lift. But with Ambition contests and competitions, you can do a whole lot more. Spin up challenges in a flash, motivate your team, and drive lasting behavior change by aligning competitions with goals and KPIs.

Culture for the win-win.

Bring the buzz back to your sales floor: individual contests ignite the competitive spirit, while team competitions set the stage for collaboration and peer learning.
Ambition Gamification - Culture
Ambition Gamification - Change

Drive lasting change.

Sales contests should give you more than a short-lived spike. Ambition makes it easy to run strategic competitions that are aligned with your key initiatives and the KPIs that matter most to your reps, so you can move the needle and drive behavior change.

Fast. Easy. Flexible.

You don’t need a degree in IT to spin up a contest. Whether you’re running a simple one-off contest or setting up a Fantasy-Football or World-Cup style competition — in a single office or across the continent — Ambition Gamification works the way you work.
Ambition Gamification - Fast
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