Ambition Gamification

Compete on smart metrics with contests you can spin up in minutes. Incentivize your reps to win challenges, win fantasy leagues, and win deals.
Talk to Sales

Sales is a Whole Lot More Fun When You’re Winning.

Running Challenges Shouldn't be Challenging

Refreshing day-old dashboards is out. With real-time contests, your reps are more motivated to capitalize on every minute of the day allowing you the flexibility to run contests as short as hour-long call blitzes if you’d like.

Flexible, Smart, and Customizable

Scorecards are completely customizable to suit any team’s needs. Weight multiple metrics by importance, add ceilings, coach to efficiency metrics, and use smart benchmarking to automate ramping new employees or push reps to hit new goals.

Go Head-to-Head With Your Number

A combination of strategic sales contests and incentives puts you in a position to drive exactly the behaviors you need to move the needle on revenue attainment.

Drive Energy With Real Engagement

Sales reps are competitive at heart. Real-time, live contest scoring and projections give team members clear visibility into standings... and what they need to do to win.

"If I'm looking for productivity gains, I'll throw out a competition. You say go and everybody takes off. It's so badass."

Ryan McCann, Senior Director of Sales, FileMaker