Create a Culture That Can Measure and Identify Success

As a revenue leader, the number one way to directly impact your bottom line is to make sure you set clear expectations for your sales reps. By defining the metrics that matter, setting clear targets and goals, checking in on daily progress, and ensuring your reps have everything they need to be successful, you create a culture of positive accountability that will drive more sales activity and greater pipeline.

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Why Accountability is Critical in a Work-From-Anywhere World

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Align on Expectations

By setting clear expectations and having real-time line of sight into your reps daily and monthly output, it doesn't matter where the work happens

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Use Data to Define Success

By using metrics and goals to objectively evaluate your reps' performance, you make everyone feel seen whether they're in-office or remote

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Create a Culture of Accountability

By building trust between colleagues and a sense of deep connection to business goals and objectives, your team can effectively operate near or far

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Learn more about the four pillars that define Rep Performance Management.
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Increase Rep Productivity

Ambition's comprehensive scorecard is your reps' activity roadmap. It answers the question, “What do I need to accomplish today and at what velocity or volume?” According to The Total Economic Impact (TEI) of Ambition, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester consulting, customers realize a 25% lift to average daily dials, and other key sales activities, using accountability tools like Ambition's metrics engine, goal tracking, and scorecards.

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Bring Consistency to Sales Coaching

To create a culture of positive accountability, sales leaders like you need to track your reps' progress to goal and keep an open feedback loop with SDRs and AEs alike. Coaching consistency comes from regularly scheduled 1-on-1s to debrief scorecard fulfillment and discuss KPI optimizations to facilitate growth. The more managers can lead and coach with data, the easier it is to breed a sales culture of accountability and trust.

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Watch Reps Take Ownership

Accountability not only benefits the sales leader—accountability, and clear expectation, benefits your reps. Employees expect direction and have a desire to achieve goals. With visibility into work-to-do and work complete, reps proudly take ownership of the job. The true power of scale unfolds when leaders set great targets and goals and empower reps and their teams to hold each other accountable.

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"Accountability is absolutely essential to Rep Performance Management. To achieve the goals you've set in front of yourself, you need an objective way to evaluate your team."
- Butler Raines, VP of Product, Ambition