Empower Managers with a Scalable and Proven Feedback Loop

Humans are at the heart of your business and the way you invest in them matters. The problem is, sales managers like you are often overlooked and overwhelmed—with systems, data, and 6-8 reps to manage. To build a world-class revenue team, supporting the manager role is the difference between success and failure and rep retention and turnover. That's why programmatic coaching exists—to facilitate, document, and improve the interactions and conversations between your most important business assets: your managers and reps.

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Prescriptive Sales Coaching Starts Here

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Automate Consistency

Utilize 1-on-1 agenda templates to successfully set your reps' expectations week over week

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Centralize Systems

Integrate your revenue intelligence and rep intelligence systems to allow for real call examples to be added to the coaching moment

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Inspire Lasting Change

Remember that of all the factors the influence the success of a rep, the direct manager carries the biggest impact—prioritize coaching to see bottom-line effects

Get the Full Picture

Learn more about the four pillars that define Rep Performance Management
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Improve Your Coaching Moments

Productive 1-on-1s start before the meeting. As a manager, you can't go into the conversation blind—you need the hard and soft data to conduct a meaningful session. Did your rep consistently meet his or her goals this week? How does he feel about his calls or overall performance? What data-driven advice can be given to optimize her future output? These are the questions coaching software helps you answer to improve the coaching moment and ultimately rep performance.

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Create Efficiencies

Most sales orgs today operate at enterprise scale and managers oversee teams of 10+, which makes personalized goal setting and customized action plans seem unattainable. With the right sales coaching tools, managers save an upwards of 5,000 hours per year in prep time allowing them to focus on their people.

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Make Coaching Measurable

It's proven that dedicated coaching dramatically improves rep performance and has a lasting effect on your bottom line long after the coaching moment is over. With a solution like Ambition, you have visibility into which reps are being coached and which are not. This line of sight makes coaching measurable and keeps your leadership team honest.

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Reduce Employee Turnover

Performance feedback, knowledge transfer, and individual development are the elements employees expect from their companies today—and all these point back to coaching. To keep your high performers happy and to increase employee retention by 25%, it's critical to invest in a coaching platform like Ambition that can help create repeatable processes and bring consistency to coaching for all of your frontline sales managers.

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donna sanborn
"Everyone in sales tech today offers a little bit of coaching, but no one in the space owns it. This ongoing challenge has left my teams with a hodgepodge of dashboards and different places to log in and try and figure out how to provide value. With the evolution of technology partnerships that companies like Ambition are driving, sales coaches now have the ability to easily and quickly drive performance with data that means something."
- Donna Sanborn, Senior Manager - Digital Sales, Cisco