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Integrate your Gong conversation intelligence with Ambition

Gong is a conversation intelligence tool used by many sales teams who look to improve sales conversations. By integrating Gong's conversation intelligence tool with Ambition, teams can compete on trackers, run leaderboards on key KPIs, coach conversations and tie them to attribution metrics and more. 

Some examples for gamifying conversation intelligence metrics

  • Run competitions around key phrases your reps should be saying. Want them to deliver a mission statement on every call? Use Gong trackers integrated into Ambition to automate the contest
  • Surface leaderboards for talk time, connects, key phrases said and more. These can be broadcast over TVs, Slack, in app and more.
  • Award Accolades for record book achievements that are recorded inside Gong

See how Instapage uses Ambition and Gong to get performance lifts

Instapage integrates Ambition + Gong to increase SDR pipeline, meeting sets, and more. Download the case study here.