Bringing revenue intelligence directly into your sales coaching programs

The future of sales enablement is here with Ambition’s Gong Integration.

Pair the leader in sales coaching and the leader in revenue intelligence, and you have insight into and impact on your reps’ performance like never before.
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Why you should be maximizing sales performance with Ambition and Gong right now:

Integrate Ambition with Gong
Smarter Sales Coaching

Ambition + Gong gives added visibility into performance insights with context from rep conversations in your management workflow.

Integrate Ambition with Gong
Celebrate Excellence in Real-Time

Encouragement and accountability drive adoption. Your sales process and messaging aren’t static—utilize Ambition’s recognition and gamification to incentivize rep call consistency.

Integrate Ambition with Gong
Full-Picture Rep Management

Personalize your coaching sessions and bring consistency to your reps' 1:1 check-ins week over week with Ambition + Gong.

Transform the way you coach with this powerful integration that delivers complete visibility into rep performance

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Run consistent, high-quality 1:1 check-ins (with fewer clicks) using the Ambition + Gong integration. Save time and surface actionable insights with Gong data in Ambition’s clean, customizable coaching platform.

Ambition’s single-pane-of-glass experience optimizes the coaching workflow as well as keeps track of historical sessions and the impact your managers are having.

Integrate Ambition with Gong Integrate Ambition with Gong

Coach More

Ambition is your destination for smarter sales coaching. Encourage, course correct performance, and develop each team member with data-driven insights from Ambition + Gong.

For rep success, coaching is critical. Make it easy and effective with Ambition.

Integrate Ambition with Gong Integrate Ambition with Gong

Pin Calls

From a quick-pick list, call recordings can be pinned to coaching agendas. This feature allows reps to highlight the top 3 to 5 calls they are proud of, want to learn from, or actively discuss in a 1:1 each week.

Gone are the days managers need to scroll through and listen to call after call to find a good teaching example. Engage your reps, better utilize managers time, and tee up more meaningful coaching moments with this integration.

Integrate Ambition with Gong Integrate Ambition with Gong

Take Action

Two robust databases, one source of truth. Utilize the integration by surfacing the numbers you need, from Gong and Ambition, to take action whether you’re a rep, manager, or anyone in between.

With the integration, you empower your coaches to optimize customer conversations and ultimately impact the entire sales process for good.

Integrate Ambition with Gong Integrate Ambition with Gong