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Customizable, automated sales scorecards focus your reps on the exact sales activities that will pace them to the goal.
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Sales Scorecards are The blueprints for hitting your sales goals.

Performance Visibility is Better Than Ever

A sales scorecard gives your sales reps a clear path to success. By breaking down quotas into daily or weekly activities and objectives — like calls, emails or booked meetings — your reps know exactly what they need to do to hit their number and which behaviors matter most.

Bonus: You'll have visibility into who's on track and who needs coaching as you're creating a system of accountability.

Sales rep scorecards integrate with your tech stack to automate the tracking and scoring of dials made, meetings booked, emails sent and more.

Any KPI that is essential to your team can be scored in an Ambition sales rep scorecard. Weight your most important sales activities higher to ensure sales reps place focus there. Each rep knows they need to hit “100” by the end of the day to stay on pace.

Drive CRM Adoption Across Your Team

Ambition's scorecards can automatically pull data from your CRM and are completely customizable for any rep or role.

It's easy to set targets, weight metrics by importance and add ceilings, keeping your reps focused on the daily behaviors that lead to more wins.

Because the logged CRM activities are what powers the scores, your team is sure to log every activity and note.

Better CRM adoption leads to a more efficient sales process making Ambition sales scorecards every sales enablement and sales operations leader's dream.
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Reduce Turnover and Ramp Time

Scorecards help you set specific, achievable goals for reps. Use smart benchmarking to auto-magically increase ramp targets for your onboarding reps.

Battle burnout by showing your seasoned reps what a solid end goal looks like for the day in terms of output.

Daily Accountability, Long-term Results

Ambition's unique Activity and Objective Scorecards are proven to drive quota attainment. Managers can set targets for daily or weekly activities — like emails or outbound dials — and monthly objectives, like opps closed or revenue booked. Activity and objective scores are automatically mapped on a productivity quadrant. That means you'll know exactly who's hustling, who's getting results, and where skill gaps lie.
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Frequently Asked Questions about
Sales Scorecards

A sales scorecard is the concept of assigning a group of sales activities, like dials, connects, or emails, to a comprehensive daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly score. Ambition scorecards update dynamically and automatically from data inputs in your CRM.

Ideally, a sales scorecard will weight the most important activities and objectives that lead to the desired results. This gamifies the sales role, but also provides direction and accountability for sales reps, while creating team-wide performance visibility for sales managers.

As more sales teams shift into teams of remote sellers, scorecards have been an integral part of the strategy to foster productivity in a work from home environment, offer visibility to the entire team into the performance and activity of each rep, and drive accountability like never before.

The best Sales scorecards are usually broken down into two different sections: the Activity sales scorecards and the Objective sales scorecards.

Activity scorecards typically consist of daily sales tasks that are completely within the reps control. Activities should be selected based on the day-to-day behaviors that move deals down the sales funnel. These sales activities might be calls, connects, emails, LinkedIn connects or messages, or face-to-face meetings. You can set a target for a rep to make 40 calls in a day and each call earns points on the scorecard. The total composition of all of the metrics will allow for the rep to reach a “perfect 100” for the day if they have completed all of their sales activities.

Sales objective scorecards show the intermediate outcomes or results of activities. Examples of objectives that you would find on a sales scorecard are meetings set, meetings held, new opportunities, pipeline driven, or other intermediate milestones between an activity and closed deal.

Sales activities correlate to the objectives that ultimately deliver results for your sales team. This is what makes them an effective tool for creating a strategy that hits goals.

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Smart sales managers use sales scorecards to weight the most important sales activities they want their reps focusing on. The scorecards give reps a blueprint of activities that lead to objectives that deliver the expected results. Sales scorecards also provide unparalleled visibility into rep performance-- allowing managers to step in before things get too far off track.

If you're team is using daily scorecards, you can check-in by noon and see who isn't quite at a 50/100 yet for the day on activity. If you're team is remote, you still have full sight into every sales activity taking place with the sales scorecards.

Sales scorecards are a proven way to create a system of accountability and focus for sales reps. They drive productivity in the day to day creating more "at bats" for reps to try to reach their objectives. Sales managers can not actually manage results, but rather they can manage the activities and objectives that deliver the results. Scorecards are a perfect playbook and blueprint for sales management teams.