2020 may be the “Year of the Sales Coach” — but from what we’re hearing, it’s also the year of aggressive sales goals.

That’s true over at Outreach, a leading sales engagement platform that helps efficiently and effectively engage prospects to drive more pipeline and close more deals. Read on to learn how Outreach brought Ambition and Chorus together to shore up their sales coaching technology so they can hit their targets this year.

A New Sales Coaching Framework

Outreach’s sales development team was kicking off the new year with a new sales coaching framework, using “The Four Disciplines of Execution” by Chris McChesney as a blueprint for how their org would achieve their lofty goals. 


Outreach Scores With Ambition + Chorus

The team needed to fulfill the disciplines of

  1. maintaining a compelling scoreboard

  2. creating a cadence of accountability.

For starters, Brooke Bachesta, Sales Development Representative Manager at Outreach, needed to create a set of metrics and benchmarks that she could dynamically score and coach her team around. 

Of course, to fulfill the discipline of keeping a compelling scoreboard, those numbers had to be visible. Brooke identified Ambition as the solution to her scoring needs, leveraging our big-screen leaderboards, customizable dashboards and flexible scorecards to check all her boxes.

As for creating a cadence of accountability? Brooke knew she needed to coach her team in 1:1 formats that leaned very heavily into call coaching methodology. Brooke realized she could utilize the gamification of Ambition scoring in her day-to-day coaching, then power her weekly call coaching sessions with Chorus, a conversation intelligence platform that helps sales teams win more deals and coach reps to become top performers

Sales Scorecard Setup

Outreach used Ambition’s sales scorecards to set weighted targets for daily activities and monthly objectives:


  • Outbound Dials (weighted for 60% of the score)
    • Each SDR strives for 85 outbound dials a day 

  • Contacts Sequenced (weighted for 40% of the score)
    • Each SDR strives for 19 new contacts sequenced each day 


  • Initial Meeting Scheduled (weighted for 50% of the score)
    • Each SDR strives for 25 meetings per month

  • Sales Qualified Lead (weighted for 25% of the score) 
    • Each SDR strives for 12 SQLs per month Sales 

  • Accept Lead (weighted for 25% of the score)
    • Each SDR strives for 9 SALs per month

Coaching and Leaderboard Setup

Using data pulled from Chorus and Outreach, the team focuses on what’s being said on the connected call recordings and understanding how that is successfully converting to the objective benchmarks.

Outreach uses Ambition leaderboards as a coaching tool — for example, conducting weekly, cross-team role play to match up high-converting reps with those who are lower on the leaderboard. 

Leaderboards are also broadcast on sales floor TVs, so all scorecard metrics are visible at all times, emphasizing conversion metrics — i.e., how the dials and sequences are converting as well as conversions of meetings further down the funnel into qualified leads.

The Impact

“Outreach relies on Ambition to be our compelling, visible scoreboard. The scorecards and leaderboards with with everyday coaching beyond our weekly Chorus call coaching session.” — Brooke Bachesta, SDR Manager, Outreach

Want to learn how Ambition can integrate with your sales tech stack? Get a demo today and we’ll walk you through it!

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