Ambition TVs

Drive energy to your sales floor with real-time leaderboards, contests, and automated custom alerts.
Talk to Sales

Big Screen Recognition. Big Time Results.

Create a Culture of Winning

Keep energy up on your sales floor with changing leaderboards, goal progress, and custom anthems that recognize wins both big-and-small.

Recognition and Visibility are Key Motivators for Sales Reps

Sales surveys continue to show that even more than money, reps are motivated by visibility into numbers and recognition. Sales floor TVs that showcase your reps' talent are key to modern sales management.

Don’t Bury your Work in a Day-Old Dashboard

Taking your key data points, turning them into mini victories that get celebrated in real-time, and promoting healthy competition amongst peers creates a world-class sales culture that thrives on winning. Retain employees longer, lift activity, and have a lot of fun along the way.

Keep Your Team Accountable

Align your teams on the metrics that matter most. Public recognition not only keeps teams motivated, but holds them accountable to goals.

"Ambition helped us increase daily call volume 30% with zero negative feedback from my reps. The transparency and real-time feedback loops have improved daily productivity for managers and reps alike."

Dallas Hogensen, VP of Lyft Business, Lyft