Free, Downloadable Sales Report Templates

Ambition is proud to add free sales report templates to our sales template library! Download, copy and use these report templates to provide complete visibility for your executive leadership team, your managers, reps and more.

These sales report templates provide the exact KPIs you should measure and report on daily, weekly, or monthly. Make a copy of the template, fill in your team information and your real numbers, and that’s it! These report templates are a must for every sales manager looking to increase visibility, motivation, and performance for both in-office and remote sales teams.

Free, Downloadable Sales Report Templates
The Executive Scoreboard

The Executive Scoreboard

A sales report template for sales activity tracking

SDR / BDR Scoreboard

SDR / BDR Scoreboard

A scoreboard sales report template for your outbound sales reps


Data should be both informative and engaging in order to properly convey your performance metrics and the message you’re working to get across. Visually communicating data is a skill that sales leaders should hone and it can be made easier with Ambition Sales Report Templates. Present executive level aggregation of data through leaderboards, charts, and graphs. Run your sales meeting with up-to-date progress of performance alongside individual recognition. Power performance through visibility that both motivates and informs the organization and allows for managers to quickly adapt and make changes.

  • Aggregate data for your executive leadership team
  • Create an SDR report that updates daily (Ambition can offer real-time updates, but daily is second best if you don’t have Ambition)
  • Create an AE view that compares reps and teams
  • Create an org-wide overview look into cross-departmental metrics

Ambition’s Sales Report Template library is our newest addition to our complete sales template gallery. We will be adding report templates from real sales managers and leaders to help you get a feel for the most up-to-date sales reports sales professionals are using in today’s selling climate.

You might set up your templates to run reports daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the level of visibility you need and the frequency you’d like to see data. Each cadence has different benefits, and some teams find it helpful to run all three types of reports to get deeper insights into how progress is going.

Daily Sales Report Template

You might utilize a daily sales report template to review day-to-day numbers in daily standup meetings or quick retrospectives. You can utilize this type of sales report template to help you further coach your reps toward success. This can help managers and leadership to get insights into daily sales activity and progress toward larger goals.

Weekly Sales Report Template

A weekly sales report template is great for coaching, ensuring the team hits weekly targets, and checking how things are progressing toward broader goals. These template types are great for weekly team check ins, weekly coaching sessions, or retrospective meetings.

Monthly Sales Report Template

Running a monthly sales report template allows you to view end-of-month numbers or monthly retrospectives on how the team is performing. This is great to get a broad view of how things are progressing toward quarterly goals in particular, and you can also compare your numbers month over month to identify what’s working and where you might need to step in with coaching.

Sales report templates help create accountability, transparency, and motivation throughout your organization. The more real-time the reports can be the better. To create a sales report or scoreboard in Ambition, you sync your data sources like CRM, dialer, cadence tool and more to keep the scoreboards and reports up to date in real time. If you are creating one manually, updating every 24 hours may be the best solution.

Create your sales report template to show data at the micro and macro levels. Showcase org performance, team performance, and individual rep performance. Highlighting rep performance is where a lot of organizations “miss.” By highlighting individuals, they are motivated and accountable to their performance. Highlight activities, objectives, and end goals on your report template for a full picture of performance attribution.

In the sales process, different teams are often responsible for different target numbers that contribute to the larger, overall goal. By highlighting all of the teams and full funnel numbers, executives can get a better understanding of total performance. Google slides is a great free tool to create your own sales report template, but you should download one of our templates to help you get started with ideas, examples, and inspiration!

Our sales report templates include leading and lagging metrics in the report data. Our report templates also include individual recognition opportunities to motivate more of your reps so they appear in the reports. Here are a few examples of the sales report template visuals:

  • Leaderboard representations for daily and weekly calls
  • SDR overviews for team performance this month vs last year same month
  • AE performance toward individual and team goals
  • Individual closes for the current week
  • Competition standings
  • Opportunities, pipeline, and meetings to show how your sales top of funnel is looking
  • Closed Revenue performance by rep and historical comparison

If you are interested in ditching the spreadsheets for sales reports that not only inform, but inspire-- download one of our sales report templates today!