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Ambition + Gong: Bringing conversation intelligence directly into your sales coaching programs

The future of sales enablement is here with Ambition’s Gong Integration.

Pair the leader in sales coaching and the leader in revenue intelligence, and you have insight into and impact on your reps’ performance like never before.

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" Ambition and Gong helped us measure, in a very structured way, how good and how well we are doing business with our customers on the phones. Both have become key platforms for us, which we are using even more intensively than in pre-COVID times. "
- Tim Hunnekuhl, Head Of Operations Europe, audibene
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Run consistent, high-quality 1:1 check-ins (with fewer clicks) using the Ambition + Gong integration. Save time and surface actionable insights with Gong data in Ambition’s clean, customizable coaching platform.

Ambition’s single-pane of glass experience optimizes the coaching workflow as well as keeps track of historical sessions and the impact your managers are having.

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Ambition is your destination for smarter sales coaching. Encourage, course correct performance, and develop each team member with data-driven insights from Ambition + Gong.

For rep success, coaching is critical. Make it easy and effective with Ambition.

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