Sales Enablement Software

The right sales enablement software will empower reps with a clear path to success, optimize managers’ time and visibility, and prime your entire organization for better long-term results. Learn how. 

Sales Enablement Software

What is sales enablement software? Sales enablement software is essentially one way to provide important information and tools to those on a sales team so they can do their work more effectively. This kind of software can host a variety of features that aids sales managers and salespeople in training efforts, performance tracking, and increasing general productivity.

Sales (software) enablement, meaning or referring to the act of utilizing software technology to improve a variety of aspects related to the success of a sales team, can be especially helpful to those in sales management seeking to reach their peak potential. Sales managers can use software for sales enablement to further develop their teams with specialized coaching, encourage positive employee experiences, manage the activities of multiple roles across segments, and share insight into real-time sales performance. With these capabilities, sales managers can not only better supervise their sales teams, but also improve the sales performance of their sales teams along the lines of productivity and overall effectiveness.

A solid sales enablement plan backed by the power of a reliable software system could prove to generate positive results for salespeople as individuals, as well as for the wider sales organization as a whole. Sales managers who invest in their sales enablement strategy with software could experience increases in the year-over-year activity of sales representatives, high-value time given back week-over-week, and representative retention rates over a number of years. These indicators of positive growth, progress, and expansion represent how important software for sales enablement could be for the potential success and continued growth of a sales team.

Depending on the software in question, the benefits can expand to encompass more aspects of a sales team’s daily routine processes and tasks. Software for sales enablement and management can improve the day-to-day productivity in sales teams.

Sales Enablement Tools

What are sales enablement tools? These tools are simply resources employed to improve productivity and performance in a sales team. Here, the focus will be on digital sales enablement tools in the form of software and other programming. When it comes to figuring what the best sales enablement tools and B2B sales enablement tools are, there will be a variety of factors to consider based on the needs of your sales team.

Ambition is a provider of sales enablement tools and solutions. Beyond offering the sales enablement software perks mentioned earlier, Ambition can also act as a data integration platform. The Ambition sales performance management and enablement platform allows users to integrate sales performance data from a variety of sources, some of which include Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Slack, Cisco, and more. This level of integration gives you the opportunity to measure, coach, and manage your sales teams from one central platform.

Ambition’s end-to-end sales management software incorporates some of the software you already use in order to further improve sales performance, increase productivity, and have greater visibility. Many of these integrations are already pre-built into Ambition’s software as well, which allows for an easy push and pull of data between systems.

Best Sales Enablement Software

When it comes to finding the best sales enablement software for you, the search process and solution can vary greatly from person to person depending on your specific needs. For example, perhaps you are in search of a sales enablement tool that allows you to integrate your sales performance data from other platforms. You may be looking for sales enablement materials related to or equipped with sales coaching, analytics, or gamification software.

Ambition’s sales performance management software platform could cater to the needs just listed. One characteristic of the software which could be especially helpful is its ability to integrate your sales performance data from multiple sources. Ambition can sync with your CRM, or access your data via other methods such as API integration, file upload, SFTP, and manual entry.

On the topic of sales coaching, analytics, and gamification, Ambition’s performance management software offers features such as one-on-one personalized coaching, the ability to create sales contests and awards, and the showcasing of performance via leaderboards. These kinds of tools can be extremely beneficial to your sales performance management strategy, as they allow you to clearly manage activities and objectives made to convert to your own desired sales results and analytics.

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Sales Enablement Examples

The world of sales enablement expands far into many different industries (essentially wherever a sales team exists). As a result of this, numerous sales enablement platforms and software have developed. Out of all of the sales enablement examples, these platforms and software could be especially useful in the realm of SaaS sales enablement strategy.

Revenue teams from software and SaaS companies in particular have utilized sales enablement software to improve sales productivity and overall effectiveness via sales coaching and gamification. Ambition’s sales performance management platform allows managers to enlist personal coaching, scoring, and gamification programs to cultivate strong sales reps starting at an individual level. These tools can positively impact the outcomes of sales efforts with the power of scalable sales performance management.

Some of the most popular uses of Ambition’s sales performance management platform among software teams include team vs team challenges, accolades, and scorecards plus leaderboards. Challenges have been used to award points for meetings scheduled, voicemails left, and more. Accolades have shown to be successful for giving reps gratification and instant recognition as a way to celebrate key wins. Reps also have the ability to earn badges upon completion of key milestones, which means their work towards goals is automatically tracked and rewarded.

Sales Enablement Salesforce

One significant integration Ambition has is with Salesforce. When it comes to sales enablement, Salesforce is a popular choice of CRM among sales organizations, so Ambition’s pre-built gamification integration with Salesforce makes it easy to combine the factors of customer management and sales management into one platform. Ambition allows managers to sync users, data, objects, and fields, as well as any other tech stack or preexisting Salesforce data system integrations.

By integrating your Salesforce CRM with Ambition’s sales performance management software, you can make your Salesforce data actionable and coachable through gamification of the sales process in a way that turns everyday tasks into optimized selling behaviors. For example, you could take advantage of the option to embed sales scorecards into Salesforce via widget so sales reps maintain consistent access to their KPIs. You can also broadcast these metrics on large-screened leaderboards and personalized dashboards for individual reps.

Salesforce sales enablement capabilities powered by Ambition present a way for sales managers to create transparency around key sales metrics and improve sales visibility overall. Since sales data will be collected automatically in real-time from your Salesforce CRM, you can simplify the sales reporting process, further promoting transparency and visibility of metrics.

Sales Enablement Solutions

Ambition’s sales performance management software provides its users access to a variety of helpful sales enablement resources that could be used toward developing or finding sales enablement solutions. Ambition’s sales performance management software offers solutions to undergo strategic sales enablement and achieve greater sales performance as a result. The platform’s main objective is to help sales managers materialize a truly proactive sales management strategy.

One factor that is typically seen as important when looking for sales enablement solutions is sales enablement training. Along with coaching, many sales enablement strategies incorporate varying levels of training and progress reflection. Ambition users can utilize customizable coaching programs based on performance metrics through a coaching suite that promotes the maximization of a sales team’s performance. These kinds of learning opportunities could be critical to the progression and development of a strong sales force with a refined skill set.

Besides training, when it comes to sales enablement, automation may also be an important factor for some sales managers. This automation can exist in the form of automatic data transfers, updates on individual sales rep progress, and so on. For example, the Ambition sales performance management platform gives managers the option to implement celebration/issue detection alerts.

Sales Enablement Platform

Many of the top sales enablement companies (among those who provide sales enablement software and platforms) are recognized for their robust and thorough sales enablement platform(s). These sales enablement companies that provide sales enablement and performance management software face the challenge of meeting a variety of needs depending on industry, a sales manager’s individual goals, and more. Ambition is one of these digital sales enablement platforms, geared toward sales performance management.

Sales enablement and performance management software can give sales leaders the opportunity to focus on specific controllable factors, like sales activity output. The software enables them to do this through the creation of targets and goals related to things like dials made, emails sent, social connections made, and so on. Furthermore, the broadcasting of this information on activity KPI leaderboards can contribute to the reps’ focus on making progress towards their targets.

Once the data based on this sales activity is collected, sales managers can then use said data to readjust their sales enablement strategy. They can do this according to forecasted success in specific metrics (pertaining to their team’s quota progress) such as demos scheduled, meetings held, and opportunities created.

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