Sales Metrics Dashboard

Do you need better performance visibility, more transparency around key sales metrics, and a simplified way to pull reports? Find out how sales metrics dashboards can help.

Sales Metrics Dashboard

A sales metrics dashboard is used to display various aspects of the sales process, such as revenue and team performance. Of course, in terms of how to measure sales performance, there are a number of different factors you can review. This information can be viewed easily on a dashboard. Each individual sales metrics KPI can be tracked through a sales dashboard, and team members can easily stay updated on their performance over time. 

To implement a sales dashboard, it can be helpful to take advantage of sales dashboard software, which allows users to create dashboards according to their needs and preferences. Ambition offers sales tracking software for goal management that can be used with dashboards. Because setting and tracking progress towards goals is so important to attainment, your sales tracking software of choice needs to also give a blueprint and track the steps that lead to successful outcomes, and all modern, successful sales cultures have one thing in common: they are target-driven.

With Ambition’s software, you can review your sales goals and set new ones in order to achieve alignment and attainment. Individual, team, and organization-wide goals are all trackable with Ambition’s sales tracking software. You can measure and visualize each rep’s contribution towards a team goal leveraging accountability strategies and automate each rep’s progress toward individual goals in real time without being forced to run or refresh reports. 

The sales tracking software available through Ambition allows sales leaders to enjoy visibility into performance. It can also help sales leaders to choose flexible scorecard targets, broadcast leaderboards of metrics designed to motivate, and visualize percent-to-target goal performance that updates in real time. Sales tracking software can help track the activities, objectives, and end results to help your team iterate and improve toward goal progress along the way, and it is a crucial component to effective sales metrics dashboards. 

Sales Performance Dashboard

By integrating your sales performance dashboard with other tools and software, you can gain access to additional features to help you track your team’s sales progress. You can, for instance, create a sales dashboard Excel template to be used within the Excel platform. You could also design a sales performance dashboard Tableau template. Moreover, with Ambition’s leading gamification integration with Salesforce CRM, you can sync users, data, objects, fields, and more into Ambition in as few as ten clicks.

Ambition’s sales management system enables sales managers to create transparency around key sales metrics, improving sales visibility while making sales reporting a breeze. This is automatically powered by real-time data coming from your Salesforce CRM. If your sales organization uses Salesforce as a CRM, Ambition is the perfect integration for making your Salesforce data actionable and coachable, for driving utilization and adoption of sales activities into your Salesforce CRM, and for gamifying the sales process to turn everyday tasks into optimized selling behaviors. 

You can access the full Ambition experience right from Salesforce via the Ambition Widget and embed sales scorecards directly into Salesforce. You can also use this integration to coach, compare, and improve sales productivity and eliminate administrative tasks with a user hierarchy sync. A sales dashboard Salesforce template or design can go a long way in helping you achieve maximum sales performance visibility, and it’s made possible through Ambition’s integration. 

An Executive Analysis

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Sales Metrics Template

If you are not familiar with how to implement solid sales metrics into your team’s processes, you can start by using a sales metrics template to get an idea of how to structure and design useful, effective metrics for performance improvement. Your sales dashboard design is up to you, but should reflect your sales team’s key goals. A sales KPI template Excel sheet could be helpful in defining some metrics and getting your business on the right track.

Ambition’s downloadable scorecard templates come with built-in formulas, KPI examples, and a KPI calculator that display the exact number of activities and objectives your reps need to complete on a daily basis or weekly basis in order to hit weekly and monthly objectives so that your reps stay on track to build pipeline, smash quotas, and consistently hit their targets. 

Ambition offers several different free sales scorecard templates. For instance, the BAMS template shows the exact numbers BAMS reps need to hit. The ZipWhip template can be used for your account execs, and the BDR scorecard can be used to set accurate benchmarks for your BDRs and gain visibility into their performance. When it comes to building modern, metric-driven teams, you need more than Excel to run your playbook, which is why Ambition turns templates into systems so that you can spend more time coaching and less time pivot-tabling.

Sales Dashboard Examples

Coming up with ideas for sales dashboards can be challenging, especially if you’ve never done it before. Thankfully, there are plenty of sales dashboard examples you can look to for inspiration. You can also find examples of sales metric goals and templates to get a sense of what sales metrics you should be setting for your team.

Ambition sales dashboards turn your raw sales data into actionable performance insights, enabling you to make smart, strategic decisions and execute on performance improvement. With real-time sales dashboards, you can power your contests, coaching, and automated sales alerts. Designed to be the heart of your sales tech stack, Ambition comes with out-of-the-box Salesforce or API integration options, allowing users to bring all of their data into a central sales dashboard. 

If you have multiple data sources already synced into your Salesforce CRM, they will be able to seamlessly integrate into Ambition as part of that Salesforce installation process. Your sales dashboard software should be able to house metrics from multiple sources without requiring you to get a Masters degree in CRM administration, which is why Ambition makes it easy to manage your data and gather insights that will allow you to coach to the right metrics for the right people. 

Sales Pipeline Dashboard

A sales pipeline dashboard displays the processes your team needs to achieve certain sales goals, and your real-time progress in meeting them. For example, SaaS sales metrics and B2B sales metrics can be tracked through the pipeline on a dashboard, updating team members on their performance. This is a great way to keep track of your entire pipeline and receive accurate data on the steps your team is taking to meet certain goals and objectives. 

Ambition notes six key steps of a sales pipeline. The first is prospecting, and this typically involves cold calling and lead generation. The second step is the qualification phase—this is where reps really work to filter through prospects and leads to find those that are best for your business. Third is communicating, the fourth step is building trust, the fifth step is closing, and finally, you nurture the business relationships you have started to build. 

Being able to monitor each of these steps through a sales pipeline dashboard is invaluable in gaining meaningful insights and taking actionable steps to either continue with performing strategies, or improve upon tasks that are failing to yield favorable results. 

Best Sales Dashboards

No two businesses are alike, and no two sales teams follow the same set of procedures. This is why, when it comes to the best sales dashboards, there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer. So much depends on your individual business needs and goals, and what you’re ultimately hoping to get out of your dashboard. If you’re an exec, for instance, you might consider viewing executive sales dashboard examples to get an idea of what kind of dashboard might work best for your job functions. 

You can also download free sales report templates from Ambition. If you’re running a monthly sales dashboard, you can download a template that provides the exact KPIs you should measure and report on each month. Likewise, there are templates available that track KPIs on a daily and weekly basis. In this case, you would make a copy of your chosen template and fill in your team information and your real numbers.

Sales Dashboard Tableau

The best Excel dashboards could help your team track important metrics. Beyond this, however, Tableau users might consider implementing a sales dashboard Tableau template, or view Tableau dashboard examples for practice to get a better sense of how dashboards can work within the platform. They might even review Tableau sales dashboard examples. There are multiple different sales dashboards designs available, and you can fill them with each sales dashboard KPI you’re wanting to track. Dashboards can integrate well with most CRMs and analytics platforms.

Ambition’s integration with Salesforce permits users to gamify their Salesforce CRM data and create better dashboards for their sales teams. When you connect your Salesforce account to Ambition, it will also bring in data from the integrations you have flowing into Salesforce. This makes it easy to track and score how many outreach emails are going out. 

In addition, you can run automated individual or team contests, whether you’re hoping to host a fantasy football competition, a world cup-style matchup, or any other challenge you can think of. Ambition can visualize standings, updates, and results as they happen, so you can compare performance and goal attainment across the leaderboard. 

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