Free Sales Scorecard Templates

Ambition's downloadable scorecard templates come with built-in formulas (including a KPI calculator!) that show you the exact number of activities your reps need to complete on a daily basis in order to hit weekly and monthly objectives — so that everyone makes quota.

Sales Manager Scorecard

Wondering where to focus your time as a manager? See (and measure!) the activities that matter most.

Scorecard Template by BAMS

This scorecard shows the exact numbers BAMS reps need to hit.

Account Executive Scorecard

Keep your AEs on track to hit their numbers with this customized scorecard.

When it comes to building modern, metric-driven teams you need more than Excel to run your playbook. Ambition turns templates into systems so that you can spend more time coaching and less time pivot-tabling.

BDR Scorecard

Set accurate benchmarks for your BDRs and get visibility into their performance.

Scorecard Template by ZipWhip

Download and use ZipWhip's scorecard for your own Account Execs today!

Mid-Market Inside Sales Rep Scorecard

Turn daily activities into trackable metrics for your ISRs.

Customer Success Scorecard

Are your CSMs doing the right activities, right now, that will lead to the results you want?