Sales Templates

Ambition's downloadable scorecard templates come with built-in formulas, KPI examples, and a KPI calculator (!) that show you the exact number of activities and objectives your reps need to complete on a daily or weekly basis in order to hit weekly and monthly objectives — so that your reps stay on track to build pipeline, smash quotas and consistently hit their targets.

Scorecard Template: BAMS

This scorecard shows the exact numbers BAMS reps need to hit.

Scorecard Template: Toast

Steal Toast's sales scorecard template and tailor it to your team!

Scorecard Template: Xactly

Xactly shared the output metrics they track for their teams on a weekly and monthly basis.

When it comes to building modern, metric-driven teams you need more than Excel to run your playbook. Ambition turns templates into systems so that you can spend more time coaching and less time pivot-tabling.

Scorecard Template: ZipWhip

Download and use ZipWhip's scorecard for your own Account Execs today!

Scorecard Template: Atlanta Braves

See the exact ticket sales and revenue goals that Braves reps need to hit!

Scorecard Template: FreightWaves

See how FreightWaves sales leaders use scorecards to hold their reps accountable to goals.

Customer Success Scorecard

Are your CSMs doing the right activities, right now, that will lead to the results you want?

Account Executive Scorecard

Keep your AEs on track to hit their numbers with this customized scorecard.

BDR Scorecard

Set accurate benchmarks for your BDRs and get visibility into their performance.

Mid-Market Inside Sales Rep Scorecard

Turn daily activities into trackable metrics for your ISRs.

Sales Manager Scorecard

Wondering where to focus your time as a manager? See (and measure!) the activities that matter most.

Managing with Leading and Lagging KPIs

Managing and motivating an entire team can become a frustrating process if you’re not using the right measurement tools. Sales is very much a numbers game, and these sales scorecard templates are invaluable tools for keeping track of your team’s individual achievements, visualizing your sales process, recognizing your best salespeople, identifying coaching opportunities and inspiring growth. Our community of sales leaders has already done the hard work of creating and testing these scorecard templates, now all you need to do is download one, customize it for your team, and start tracking your team’s progress!

One of the biggest benefits of using the sales scorecard templates is that the scorecards are broken into leading KPIs (activities) and lagging KPIs (objectives). Managers have the capability to control the leading KPIs that will ultimately lead to the objectives and results (lagging). When you stay on track with the leading KPIs on a daily basis, you are much more likely to stay on track to hit your quota or target.

Not All Sales Activity is Created Equal

Our curated collection of ready to use Sales Scorecard Templates includes built-in, useful formulas like our KPI Calculator that show you the exact number of activities your reps need to complete on a daily basis in order to hit weekly and monthly objectives. But not all activities are equal in weight. The scorecards consider that calls are more valuable than emails, for example and the templates account for weighting the activities that matter most to your team.

Our built-in formulas will automatically calculate a daily (or weekly) activity score where reps strive to hit 100. They may go over on some activities and under on others, but every activity completed goes into the score and is weighted based on how impactful it is.

In Ambition, we sync all of these activities from your full tech stack and everything is calculated automatically via the integrations; however, these manual scorecard templates give managers and directors a good starting point for developing a proof of concept around gamification and scoring.

Sales Objective Scorecard Templates

Daily and weekly activities should always lead to weekly, monthly, or quarterly outputs, that’s why our Objective Scorecards conveniently display all of these metrics for weighing and identifying. Every week or month, you'll work toward earning 100% on your Objective Scorecard. When reps are at 100 for activity, but still light on certain objectives like talk time or meetings set, they can go above and beyond the 100 activity score to ensure they land with a 100 on objectives.

Sales Scorecard Templates From Real Sales Managers

Over 3,000 sales managers use Ambition to power their sales scorecards. These templates come directly from these real managers to show how they manage activity and objectives successfully for their teams. Each of our Sales Scorecard Templates provides a unique look into the sales leaders’ specialized processes, allowing you to pick and choose which format works best for you and your team. Steal and use one of our scorecard templates today!
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