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The Sales Influencer Series Presents: Nathan Sexton

· Jeremy Boudinet · 1 Minute Read

Welcome to Episode 25 of the Sales Influencer Series, a podcast featuring the brightest minds in B2B sales and marketing.

In today's special episode, Ambition's Jeremy Boudinet welcomes Bellhops VP of Special Operations Nathan Sexton, who took their Commercial Operations team from 2 to 64 team members in 18 months. That accomplishment pales in comparison to what Nathan has achieved since. 

Hear Nathan's story below.

Ep 25. The Incredible Story of Nathan Sexton 

Interview Breakdown 

Introductions. 0:00 - 1:39.

From Financial Advisor to Startup VP. 1:39 - 8:09. (Jump here)

Building Commerical Operations from Scratch. 8:09 - 15:49. (Jump here)

Managing a Team of Young Millennials. 15:49 - 25:46. (Jump here)

Nathan's Battle Against Glioblastoma. 25:46 - 28:53. (Jump here)

New Roles, Strengths and Outlook. 28:53 - 31:19. (Jump here)

Jazz, Weak Links and Management. 31:19 - 36:06. (Jump here)

Where to Read Nate. 36:06 - 37:29. (Jump here)  

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