Welcome to Episode 10 of the Sales Influencer Series, where we interview leaders on the cutting edge of the sales profession. Brian Trautschold has recently performed tremendous interviews with SalesLoft CEO Kyle Porter and TechStars London Managing Director Jon Bradford.  Today, he talks to one of Ambition's favorite people in SaaS, SalesFolk CEO Heather Morgan, who is rewriting the playbook on cold email outreach for SaaS companies all over the world. 

Ep 10: From Cold Email to Warm Prospect

SalesFolk CEO Heather Morgan is out to change cold email for the better. And in the process, she's becoming one of the most prominent female voices in sales. We have firsthand knowledge of Heather Morgan's expertise in drafting compelling cold emails -- we were the subject of her first case study, The Fool-Proof Guide to Cold Email. Today, she joins  to discuss how your company can draft better cold emails, improve inbound lead generation, and get more referrals. Watch her interview with Brian below.

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