Welcome to Episode 9 of the Sales Influencer Series. We're fired up for this interview, maybe our best yet and featuring a rising star in the sales world. Today's guest: Redhawk Consulting CEO Matt Hottle, who spends 30 minutes tackling topics that will be on the minds of B2B sales executives for the foreseeable future.

Ep 9: The Future of Sales Operations

Sales operations, hiring costs, managing Millennials, VP of Sales best practices, cold calling mentality and sales technology do's and don't are all areas of focus in Episode 9. 

Still in his 30s, Matt brings a eye-opening set of B2B sales leadership credentials to this episode.  Prior to founding RedHawk, Matt spent years as a consultant turning around commercial operations for struggling B2B organizations. As a B2B sales executive, Matt has a decade of distinguished VP and Director-Level experience, and is also an export of Harvard Business School and Wharton. Now the CEO of RedHawk Consulting, Matt specializes in B2B sales and operations consulting for a very unique niche: startups. He's seen it all.

Time stamps for each topic can be found below the audio. Brace yourself for profound insight and enjoy the 9th installment of the Sales Influencer Series. 

Interview Topics 

1. Matt's Background. 0:00 - 2:10.

Synopsis: A brief overview of Matt's experience in sales, operations and consulting.

2. Matt on Sales Operations. 2:10 - 6:10.

Synopsis: The importance of repeatable process is paramount to sales ops success. Always maintain a narrow focus on the most important, revenue-driving activities. 

3. Matt on Hiring. 6:10 - 11:25.

Synopsis: Find the common attributes of your successful people. Hire for strengths, not lack of weakness. Place emphasis on core skills, as there are perils to hiring based on experience.

4. Matt on Millennials. 11:25 - 17:20.

Synopsis: Understand that Millennial motivations are different. Don't default to cash as your motivator. Embrace recognition and achievement. Talent acquisition another example of where it's key to have a repeatable process. Rising costs of talent replacement and onboarding.

5. Matt on VPs of Sales. 17:20 - 21:25.

Synopsis: Clarity of focus and relentless pursuit of revenue is most critical to VP success. Second to that is building the best team possible. The harshest best practice -- firing fast.

6. Matt on Cold Calling. 21:25 - 27:15.

Synopsis: Approach C-Level cold calling with the mindset, "I'm going to be delegated to whomever I sound like." Be kind to gatekeepers and build relationships. Know what the focus of a CEO is, versus a CFO.

7. Matt on Sales Technology. 27:15 - 30:20.

Synopsis: Technology's greatest value add is efficiency -- letting you be in multiple places at once and have a digital presence. Example of a pitfall: Sending a proposal via email, instead of over the phone. Be careful, technology can actually slow you down.

8. Matt's Contact Information. 30:20 - 32:15.

Synopsis: Contact Matt via the RedHawk website, Email, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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