Goal Tracking Tools to Improve Productivity in 2021

Some might say 2020 was the official year of remote work. Workplaces across the globe had to quickly respond to an ever-changing and ever-evolving working landscape. Now, as we move further into 2021, many of us are still adapting to what has become our new normal and preparing ourselves for new changes. We’re finding fresh ways of operating and collaborating with our teams and staying on our toes in case we need to change course. That’s why it’s important to assess and address how you and your organization will stay on track with goals and keep productivity rolling in a shifting working landscape. 

To stay on track while your team’s status is in flux, you have to find the right digital tools to improve productivity and keep you and your team on the same page. Thankfully, there are dozens of accessible options on the market today! In fact, there are so many options it can be hard to know where to start, but when it comes to goal tracking tools to ensure you’re consistently hitting your sales numbers, Ambition has you covered. Our solutions allow you to automate your goal tracking and the path to achieve them, so you can focus on your progress, your productivity, and your team—and leave the nitty gritty stuff to us.  

Goal tracking is usually a capability of many different software solutions, so it can look different depending on what features you care most about. 

Sales Tracking Tools to Keep Sales Closing

There’s a common success driver for modern sales cultures: a target-driven sales environment. This is an environment that keeps everyone on goal—or, as the name suggests, on target. When everyone is aligned towards common goals and KPIs across the organization it makes it easy for individuals to stay on task with personal responsibilities that lead to attaining target objectives. And setting and tracking sales goals is key in creating a target-driven sales environment. 

The first step in creating a target-driven sales environment is setting up a cause and effect relationship between activity, objectives, and results. That’s where Ambition’s goal tracking tools come in. Individual goals, team goals, and organization-wide goals are all easily tracked with Ambition’s sales tracking software. You’re able to measure and visualize each rep’s contribution toward broader team goals, leveraging accountability strategies that keep your team motivated, encouraged, and productive. When you can see individual rep progress via scorecards and leaderboards, you can utilize gamification and competition strategies to keep sales fun and reps motivated day in and day out. 

With Ambition’s goal tracking tools, you’re able to automate the tracking of each rep’s progress toward individual goals, so you’ll see all the action in real time without having to run a new report or refresh an existing one. When actions and targets are clearly visible across the organization, everyone can see what’s working and where there’s room for improvement. And when there’s room for improvement, you’ll know quickly—so you and your team can make proactive changes, keep the work flowing, and keep the sales closing. 

Fully Integrated Goal Tracking ToolsSales Dashboard Ambition

Ambition’s solutions fully integrate with your other data tracking and workflow solutions to aggregate data in one place for improved clarity across your company. We already mentioned that our solutions integrate with your dialer and conversational intelligence tools—but you can also integrate it with your CRM to utilize that data in Ambition and easily see who is converting calls into sales. With a solution like this, sales leaders get more visibility into performance and can further impact outcomes by choosing flexible scorecard targets, broadcasting leaderboard metrics, and visualizing percent-to-target goal performance in real time. 

But Ambition not only fully integrates with your tech stack of sales tools—it also integrates with other common workplace tools like Slack, allowing you to automate announcements like big sales or individual rep wins to boost the competitive spirit, and productivity, and increase sales! It’s not limited to popular or well-known tools. Ambition’s flexible API provides organizations with the ability to programmatically send Ambition data to be processed and displayed across data warehouses, proprietary systems, and a variety of third-party software. 

You can get even more out of Ambition by fully incorporating our sales gamification solution, coaching software, scorecard tools and more across your organization. With our full suite of sales solutions, you’ll find everything you need to meet goals, boost sales, and stay on track in 2021 and beyond. Staying on target is even easier with clear visualization, ongoing training, and a healthy dose of competition. 

Gamify Your Goal Tracking

Make staying on target more fun and exciting by turning it into a challenge! Ambition offers the #1 sales gamification software on the market, with over 3,000 sales managers utilizing it to power their fantasy competitions, head-to-head and team-based sales contests, SPIFFs, digital clubs and awards, and celebration sales alerts. It’s one of our top recommended tools to improve productivity. Sales gamification motivates and engages your sales team, boosting overall performance and productivity and helping you and your team to meet individual and organization-wide goals. 

Ambition's award-winning sales software lets you create fantasy contests like fantasy football and display winning numbers on leaderboards to drive meaningful behavioral change. Instant notifications via Slack or other integrations notify everyone of wins regardless of location, so everyone can celebrate together and encourage reps to keep going. Sales gamification is a go-to for sales managers who not only need a quick lift in numbers but also long-term gains. It allows you to spin up quick challenges, motivate your team, and drive lasting change by aligning competitions with targeted goals. 

Coach Your Team to Meet Their Goals (and Yours) 

Sales Coaching Overview Ambition

Having clear visibility into the progress you and your team are making allows you to spot issues and rapidly make adjustments to keep you on track. One thing that can greatly impact your trajectory toward those target goals and consistent productivity is coaching. Knowing whether or not to intercede with coaching can make or break individual sales rep and team growth. Ambition’s coaching software allows sales managers to jump in exactly when they need to to make sure teams and individuals stay on track to meet goals—and exceed them. 

Ambition’s coaching solution allows managers to conduct one-on-one or team coaching sessions, run action plans, take public or private notes, and more. Managers can utilize the solution to see a timeline of all coaching activities and attach programs to key metrics to see how coaching impacts overall performance over time. And with automatic check-in reminders, Ambition ensures you and your reps never miss a coaching session. 

Utilize Scorecards to Break Down Objectives 

A sales scorecard gives your sales reps a clear path to reach their goals. By breaking down quotas into daily or weekly activities and smaller objectives, your reps know which tasks take priority in hitting their numbers. Ambition’s customizable, automated sales scorecards keep your sales reps focused on the exact sales activities that will pace them to the goal. When the steps to stay on target are clearly laid, it’s easy for your reps to follow the plan—and easy for you to see what’s being accomplished and where to step in. 

By utilizing scorecards to track rep progress toward goals, you can jump in with coaching when necessary, or boost competition to increase motivation. Can you see how all these tools can come together to set your team up for success? Having your sales productivity tools, team data and goal tracking in Ambition gives your team one single place of truth for all of their activities and targets, so everyone has clarity in a shifting 2021 landscape. 

Motivate Your Team to Hit the Target with Leaderboards 

Leaderboards drive energy, motivation, and accountability across sales teams. Broadcasting digital sales leaderboards in Slack, on sales TVs, in a web browser, or right within Salesforce is easy and automatic with Ambition’s leaderboard software. Tracking leaderboard metrics like outbound dials, booked meetings, or pipelines created motivates reps to increase output and stay productive so their rank can keep climbing! Whether you want to track conversion ratio metrics, bottom-to-top metrics, or everything in between, you can do it with Ambition’s sales leaderboards. 

Customizable leaderboards allow for custom branding, anthems, and gifs that keep things fresh and fun. And keeping performance visible across the organization keeps your reps feeling the love. Since these digital leaderboards are accessible from a number of views, everyone can celebrate the wins together and get in on the competitive spirit to stay on track with individual and company goals. 

Increase Clarity with a Dynamic Sales Dashboard 

Sales Leaderboard Ambition

Improve sales performance by moving away from static dashboards and into dynamic sales dashboard software that automates goal tracking, powers competitions, and displays on sales leaderboards for clear visibility across your organization—whether everyone’s on the sales floor together or dispersed across the country. Ambition’s sales dashboard places all of your sales data in a central location for easy automatic notifications, quick access to leaderboards, and clear views of CRM information, with full integration options. 

Ambition makes it easy to sort, rank, and modify your data to go beyond the numbers and drill down into the individual contributors that make up the data, allowing you to coach to the right metrics for the right people. Sales managers around the world already use Ambition’s sales dashboard software to automate contests, coaching, goal-setting, reporting, and more. You’ll be able to see how your rep’s work is converting through the sales funnel, so you can clearly connect actions to outcomes and drive sales.

Take a Proactive, Unified Approach to Goal Tracking 

All of Ambition’s software works together to create a proactive and unified solution for goal tracking, taking sales performance management to the next level. Sales performance management is the practice of actively managing a blueprint of sales activities and objectives that convert to desired sales results. It’s executed with various sales tools that empower managers to use gamification strategies, leaderboards, and coaching components that focus on performance improvement and productivity. 

Ambition allows sales managers to place focus on controllable factors like sales activity output, keeping reps likewise focused on specific, achievable targets. From tere, you’re able to drill down to focus on quality objectives derived from the sales activity. This allows you to impact metrics sooner rather than later, so you have control over how goals are met, how problems are solved, and how you move forward in the future. 

You can account for the three key metrics that allow for effective performance evaluation: activity metrics, objective metrics, and results metrics. Activity metrics show how reps are progressing with daily sales activities. Objective metrics indicate the quality of those sales activities. Results metrics show how everything is coming together to achieve clearly identified metrics of success. Scorecards can be utilized to track and compare these metrics, indicate moments where wins should be celebrated, and increase competition. You’re able to add benchmarks for your team based on various measures for these metrics. Plus you can weigh each metric by importance. 

From there, coaching can be utilized proactively to increase rep progress and hone their attention on specific areas for improvement so they have clear purpose and motivation. Automatic notifications and celebrations draw attention to reps making big sales or gaining big leads, adding energy, encouragement, and excitement to the day-to-day workflow, regardless of where everyone is located.

Goal Tracking for Every Objective, Every Team, Every Sale 

Ambition Sales Gamification Software

The numbers tell the story: Ambition customers have seen as much as a 20% increase in closed sales. Our users have experienced 31 times more meetings booked by phone and up to a 22% increase in sales per hour. One customer was able to close 50% more sales with sales coaching utilizing Ambition’s solutions. It’s proven: Ambition boosts sales, increases leads, and leads to proactive productivity. 

So, while 2021 may still feel a little uncertain, regardless of where you’re working, how you’re working, and what you’re working toward—Ambition’s sales solutions make goal tracking  and productivity easy, accessible, and achievable for your sales team. Information is centralized so everyone can see what’s going on. With simple automations, clearly visible activity objectives, easy-to-access metrics, coaching features, and more, your team can utilize our solutions to increase sales and hit targets big and small, every time.

But why not schedule a free demo and see for yourself what Ambition can do for your team! 


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