Ambition Goals, Awards, Clubs

Digitally transform how you give sales awards. You don’t need to run reports or check dashboards to see progress toward goals. With Ambition they are automatically calculated for every rep or team and you can broadcast the status in real time.
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Automate Goal Tracking through Metrics

More Visibility = More Success

Visible goals are reached 20% more often. With Ambition, it's easy to build and broadcast publicly to rally the troops and hit your targets.

Modernize your Sales Clubs and Awards

Tracking everything from Q1 quotas to the prestigious President's Club is all automated through Ambition. Everyone can see where they stand amongst their peers on everything from mini-goals to stretch goals and awards that happen along the way. Give out manual GRIT awards or create Senior SDR clubs for huge milestones around meetings booked. The options are endless to use your data, your way.

Goals Can Mean so Much More than Progress Toward Revenue

Track contribution goals automatically through attaching goals to metrics or create developmental goals for your team around training. There’s so much more to managing a sales team than KPIs and metrics. It is what you DO with the data that counts.

Roll Up, Drill Down

Get visibility into progress against goals, up and down the organization. With alignment around goals, each employee understands how their activities contribute to the big picture.

"I can't imagine our office without Ambition. After 18 months we're now using it across every sales, account management, and support team."

Drew Woodcock, VP of Sales, ChowNow