Ambition Scorecards

Help your reps understand the daily activities that pace them to quota.
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Not All KPIs are Created Equal

What if the Big Number Was Broken Down into Activities by Week, Day, Hour?

With daily sales activity scorecards, your team knows exactly what has to be accomplished before the day is done.

Don’t Just Log Activities... Leverage Them

Transform your sales culture from focusing solely on logging activities into improving the efficiency of activities with Activity and Objective Scorecards that are proven to improve quota attainment.

Flexible, Smart, and Customizable

Scorecards are completely customizable to suit any team’s needs. Weight multiple metrics by importance, add ceilings, coach to efficiency metrics, and use smart benchmarking to automate ramping new employees or push reps to hit new goals.

Accountability has Never Been More Transparent

With Scorecards that set daily expectations reps understand which target metrics like calls, emails, connects, or social-selling must all be hit before achieving a perfect score for the day.