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Modern sales leaders improve sales performance, increase productivity, and have greater visibility with Ambition’s end-to-end sales management software.

Over 3,000 sales managers leverage Ambition to drive more calls, book more meetings, and celebrate more closed deals for their remote or in-office sales teams.
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The Modern Sales Management Cloud

CRMs were built for managing your customers, not your sales reps. Managers can refresh and run reports in most CRMs, but wouldn’t that time be better spent impacting the numbers, not pulling them?

Ambition lets managers create celebration alerts so they are notified when good things happen and they can recognize the sales rep. Issue detection alerts are leveraged to step in when a manager is notified a reps call activity is low for the morning or that the meetings are behind target mid-week.

Business intelligence tools and CRMs paved the way for data driven sales strategy, but Ambition lets you take the intelligence and act on it to change the outcomes.

Leaderboards that follow a rep through Salesforce motivate them to focus on more activity to stay at the top. Alerts that fire into slack when a rep has booked a meeting lets them feel the love.

Every rep gets scorecards with targets so the manager can see if the rep left for the day without 100% activity completion allowing for quick coaching sessions to course correct. Sales Performance Management is the modern sales manager’s strategy to win.

Sales Performance Management Solutions by team

Outbound, inbound, and in between teams are covered with Ambition

Ambition’s Sales Performance Management Software places an emphasis on gamification, coaching, and insights that allow for a truly proactive sales management strategy.

Outbound SDR teams around the globe use Ambition to make more dials, send more emails, and convert more of the activity into pipeline generated or meetings booked.

Account Executives use Ambition to celebrate every closed deal through celebration alerts that fire into Slack, email, and sales TVs.

Field sales teams compete on flipping target accounts to active referrants and call center and customer success teams focus on expansions, renewals, and talk time.

If you are a team looking to measure, score, improve and compete on performance, Ambition’s sales performance management software is for you!

What is sales performance management?

Sales performance management is the practice of actively managing a blueprint of sales activities and objectives that convert to desired sales results. Sales Performance Management is executed with various sales tools that empower managers to use gamification tactics like creating sales contests and awards, showcasing performance through leaderboards, and a 1:1 personalized coaching component that focuses on performance improvement. By recognizing and motivating reps in the day-to-day sales activities and objectives, sales managers can impact the results and truly manage the performance required to deliver the results.

With sales performance management software like Ambition, sales managers place a focus on controllable factors like sales activity output. Broadcasting leaderboards of activity KPIs like dials made, emails sent, or social connections made keeps reps focused with very specific achievable targets that are 100% within their control.

Managers then drill down to focus on quality objectives that are meant to be derived from the sales activity. Metrics like demos scheduled, meetings held, opportunities created are earlier indicators to how on track the team is to closed the desired quota. If you are light on opportunities, for example, you can create a sales contest to reward reps for increased opportunity creation. This is done proactively to ensure sales targets are able to be hit.

Rather than running a report to see who hit or missed target at the end of the month or quarter, performance management lets managers or coaches impact the metrics sooner.

The sales performance management space is newer and the category may sometimes include territory planning tools, engagement tools that scale dials and emails or even compensation tracking sales tools. All tools serve the same objective which is to deliver increased sales performance for your team.

How to Evaluate Sales Staff Performance

To effectively evaluate performance of your sales staff, you need to account for three different types of metrics or KPIs. Activity metric tracking shows who is putting in the effort and the work in the form of daily sales activities. Objective metric tracking is an indication of the quality of sales activities taking place. Results metrics are often the lagging indicators of performance but ultimately the sales metrics managers care most about.

An easy and efficient way to to evaluate sales reps are through sales scorecards. The sales scorecards measure sales reps against a target that is set based on conversion data. If you break down the target quota, sales, or end result you are after-- you can work backwards based on historical conversion rates to know exactly how many dials, emails, meeting or pipeline dollars it would take to get you there. This type of metric tracking and active sales management is a newer strategy and part of the sales performance management model. It is quickly becoming the modern sales management strategy trusted by sales leaders everywhere.

Part of your evaluation of sales staff performance should include a coaching component to allow reps visibility into the performance and guidance for how to get better. Even top reps benefit from sales coaching to improve overall sales performance.
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