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Ambition Announces the Revenue Performance Platform™

Ambition Announces the Revenue Performance Platform™

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Ambition Announces the Revenue Performance Platform™

Ambition today introduced its Revenue Performance Platform™, the industry’s first holistic software solution, that empowers sales leaders to close the performance gap between top performers and middle-of-the-pack reps and unlock the revenue potential of their teams. With three core product pillars including Performance Intelligence, Coaching Orchestration, and Sales Gamification, revenue organizations across the globe realize increased sales activity and win rates, turnkey coaching cadences, real-time rep recognition, and improved culture and employee retention with this next evolution of Ambition.

“In an economic climate like this, revenue organizations need to do more with less,” Travis Truett, Ambition CEO said. “The Ambition Revenue Performance Platform is purpose-built to maximize the output of the team you already have, help you ramp new hires faster, and ultimately engage, challenge, and retain your top-performing reps—the people that truly move the needle.” 

Recognized by G2 among the Top 50 Sales Products, Ambition continues to outrank their competitors in customer satisfaction. 

Key customers that have signed on to leverage Ambition’s Revenue Performance Platform over the last few quarters include T-Mobile, Drift, Kimberly-Clark, Lean Data, the Brooklyn Nets, and more. Ambition’s retention and growth within the existing customer base continues to improve year over year; 31% of clients double down in their investment in Ambition by adding additional sellers on the platform within the first year of implementing the tool. 

“Our customers tell us that Ambition coaches their coaches,” Kelly Berg, Ambition VP of Customer Success said. “Most frontline sales managers are in the role for the first time and lack training and enablement that empower them to be effective. In this new age of digital selling, sellers expect guidance and recognition, and Ambition instills good habits in leaders to develop their teams and celebrate milestones.”

Brett Dalbey, Associate Director of Inside Sales at Sprinklr, a long-standing Ambition customer agrees. “As a coach I want to make sure that when I sit down with my reps for a one-on-one, I know what’s working and what’s not,” Dalbey said. “Thinking that Rep A and Rep B always need the exact same thing in coaching is a mistake on my part, so I need to personalize those moments. Performance data and insights in Ambition help me get there faster and focus on the right things.”

One of the most impactful effects of utilizing the Revenue Performance Platform is making successful sales motions repeatable. 

“Ambition reinforces ideal rep behavior and performance through rich and automated recognition,” Butler Raines, Ambition VP of Product and Engineering said. “To truly do more with less, you have to do everything possible to make your existing employees feel seen, heard, appreciated, and supported. By amplifying wins with our Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations and leveraging our Coaching Orchestration that integrates with Gong, managers never miss hyping an important moment.”

Raines joined the Ambition executive team in 2021 from Salesloft, and since then other notable executive appointments include fellow Salesloft alumni, Chris Mills, VP of Marketing, along with Erin Tomlinson, VP of Commercial Sales and Operations, and Mary Foster, VP of Demand Generation. The company has doubled its headcount since last fall when they raised their Series B led by Primus Capital

“We’re passionate about building a completely one-of-a-kind platform,” Brian Trautschold, Ambition COO said. “We have the privilege to serve the world’s leading revenue organizations—from the Fortune 500 to emerging and high-growth startups. So our ability to innovate and evolve as their business and people-needs evolve is critical. This year, we’ll double the number of enterprise customers we serve, which we believe is evidence we’re serving a critical market need.”   

Watch the video below to learn more about how Ambition's Revenue Performance Platform enables better sales coaching, drives lasting behavior change, and empowers modern sales teams to achieve their peak potential.

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Ambition's Revenue Performance Platform™ combines Performance Intelligence with Sales Gamification and Coaching Orchestration to drive accountability and encouragement, helping revenue teams achieve their peak potential. With insight into what's working and not, revenue leaders can take action to drive behaviors and activities that lead to results. In-office, remote, or hybrid, Ambition is helping companies like T-Mobile, Waste Management, ADP, ServiceNow, Ryder, and the Atlanta Braves achieve their peak revenue potential. Ambition is a privately held company based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with remote employees all over the world.