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Motivate, recognize, celebrate your sales reps and align your revenue team right where work happens by adding Ambition to your Microsoft Teams instance

Drive friendly competition, hype the milestones that matter, and create a culture of encouragement and winning with this game-changing integration
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Create a culture of winning with Ambition + Microsoft Teams

Integrate Ambition with Microsoft Teams
Define success and establish KPIs

Identify sales activities that move the mark and map them to a business goal or objective. These KPIs will effectively drive your reps’ daily, weekly, and monthly performance.

Integrate Ambition with Microsoft Teams
Schedule real-time alerts to align your GTM team

Within Ambition, schedule KPI alerts to trigger at certain times or thresholds to Microsoft Teams (channels or chat). See which reps are completing important sales activities or hitting revenue goals directly in your main communications platform.

Integrate Ambition with Microsoft Teams
Cultivate positive culture

Encourage, motivate, celebrate, or nudge teammates to keep going, growing, and attaining. Culture comes from collaboration—virtual or in-office. Create that space with Ambition + Microsoft Teams!

This powerful and purpose-built integration engages employees and promotes deeper collaboration for hybrid revenue teams across the globe.

Assign action to insights

Enterprise sales organizations sit on a wealth of data. Pulling the right reports, interpreting the trends, and using the statistics to make smarter business decisions is difficult and time consuming.

With Ambition + Microsoft Teams, you can easily turn insights into action and bring the best out of your people without leaving your company’s main productivity tool.

Integrate Ambition with Microsoft Teams Integrate Ambition with Microsoft Teams

Make work fun

With employees working remotely or in offices across time zones, it’s challenging to build momentum at a consistent pace.

With the Ambition and Microsoft Teams integration, you have the power to automate updates around rep performance, recognize good work in real-time, and make your SDRs feel like heroes.

Change work sentiment for the better and inspire lasting behavior change with Ambition + Microsoft Teams.

Integrate Ambition with Microsoft Teams Integrate Ambition with Microsoft Teams

Increase your visibility

Ambition and Microsoft Teams make getting the visibility you need—at the frequency you want —possible.

Deep org charts with various levels of managers and reps can be complex to track. With the ability to set-and-forget and simply watch your reps performance standings populate in real-time to your favorite Microsoft Teams channels, you can keep a pulse, course correct, and recognize everyone’s wins (big or small) along the way.

Integrate Ambition with Microsoft Teams Integrate Ambition with Microsoft Teams

Improve cross-functional communication

With the rise of revenue operations and shared ownership of GTM strategy, internal stakeholders need just as much transparency as leadership into completed sales actions like meetings set or closed/won deals.

The Ambition and Microsoft Teams integration deepens this important cross-functional collaboration and aligns teams quickly to improve the sales experience.

Integrate Ambition with Microsoft Teams Integrate Ambition with Microsoft Teams