For most sales organizations, data can look one of three ways: 1) It’s a perfect braid that seamlessly weaves every piece of your sales process together; 2) It more closely resembles a tangled mess that’s too jumbled to decipher; or 3) It’s outdated, inaccurate, or totally inaccessible. 

Unfortunately, many companies fall into the latter two categories—40% say lack of visibility into data and disorganized reporting impact their sales org. The question isn’t whether or not you have data. The question is, can you access and use it to optimize your sales processes? 

Brett Dalbey, Associate Director of Inside Sales at Sprinklr, the only united customer experience management platform, knows the cost of limited access to performance data. “I used to be very beholden to whatever dashboards I’d created in Salesforce or whatever data was available to me, or the data was just so hard to get ahold of that I wasn’t using the data to lead,” he said in a recent conversation.

Brett leads a team of 9 SDRs for Sprinklr’s large enterprise and global strategic accounts across the western United States. Prior to adopting Ambition in 2020, he couldn’t see what was or wasn’t working in his team’s performance data because it was difficult or, at best, time consuming to obtain. Now, with standardized reporting in Ambition, he can follow the underlying thread in the numbers and easily see where his team is missing the mark to coach and course-correct in real-time. 

“I talk about following the hose,” said Brett. “Are we getting the right amount of opens? Are we getting the right amount of replies? Then we find that kink in the hose if there is one, dig in with data, and say, ‘This is where we could use improvement; if not, this is where things are going great, and what can we do here to scale?’”

Brett utilizes Ambition dashboards, leaderboards, and goals to inform more strategic and personalized coaching. But the beauty of clean, relevant, accessible data is that you can use it to optimize every part of your sales process. It’s the thread that weaves everything together, and Sprinklr takes advantage of every opportunity to capitalize on the data at their fingertips. That’s why we think they’re All-Stars. 

Watch the highlight reel of our conversation with Brett to hear more about Sprinklr’s success with Ambition and find out:

  • How Sprinklr uses data in Ambition to coach more productively and efficiently
  • How automated performance reporting saves Sprinklr hours of valuable time 
  • How Sprinklr achieved 2X revenue with competitions in Ambition compared to the same time period in the previous year
  • How Sprinklr decreased ramp time to less than 3 months with Ambition

Don’t miss this All-Star customer story! Watch the on-demand video above.

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