Celebrate Key Milestones and Create a Winning Sales Culture

Broadcast leaderboards and KPI alerts in Slack to create stronger cross-functional collaboration, recognize every win, and course-correct in real time
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Build a High Performing Sales Team with Slack + Ambition

Integrate Ambition with Slack
Provide Just-in-Time Coaching

Get alerts for any KPI or sales metric you track in Ambition, so you can see who’s falling behind and course-correct in real time

Integrate Ambition with Slack
Align All GTM Teams

Highlight key business activities where your team already collaborates and empower everyone to work together more efficiently

Integrate Ambition with Slack
Celebrate Key Milestones

Automate recognition and boost motivation with notifications that celebrate every win—big or small

Get Notified About Critical Success Metrics

Create alerts for any critical sales metric or KPI you track in Ambition. Get notified publicly when your people hit goals like activity scores, and get private notifications when someone’s behind on dials, meetings, pipeline, or closed deals within a certain timeframe. You’ll be able to step in to celebrate, coach, and course-correct in real time—all without running extra reports.

Integrate Ambition with Slack

Improve Team Collaboration and Celebration

To work together productively, teams need a command center where they can see key performance data and communicate quickly. Improve your organization’s cross-functional collaboration by amplifying critical metrics and milestones directly in Slack. Not only will your team drive more discretionary effort—you’ll be able to celebrate wins in real time, recognize good work, and build a positive culture that encourages everyone to take their performance to the next level.

Integrate Ambition with Slack