Only 18% of managers say they are confident they are tracking the right KPIs — and only 54% of reps hit quota in 2019. 

We know there has to be a smarter, better way for sales managers to help their reps hit goals. Gamification actually plays a big part here. Sales scorecards help track more KPIs but in different ways (with Ambition it's automated, but anyone can do this).

By tracking activity down through the results, you’ll know you're tracking the right things and have the power to impact the numbers through gamification tactics. Here is a look at how we drink our own champagne and use gamification tactics in our sales org. 

Gamification tactics that managers can use to drive urgency

Sales managers have a number of gamification tactics that they can use to increase performance spikes on their team. Some of the tactics, like sales scorecards, are less about spikes and more about consistent behavior changes. Here is a look at why you might choose different gamification tactics in different scenarios: 

  • Sales scorecards are great for ensuring you are tracking the right KPIs, driving the right behaviors and seeing consistent predictable performance. Break your scorecards down into activity metrics that are tracked daily or weekly and objective scorecards that are tracked weekly or monthly. This ensures your reps are focusing on dials, emails, LinkedIn connects, meeting sets, held meetings and all the early indicator behaviors that are required to produce outcomes. Your reps can end each day with a "perfect" score if they do all the right things! 
  • Leaderboards are a great recognition and motivation tactic. Broadcast them in Slack or on sales TVs if we ever decide to come back from remote life! To ensure your unicorn rep doesn't lead the board every single day, consider using most-improved leaderboards, percent to goal leaderboards, or activity metric leaderboards that reward and recognize hustle
  • Challenge and fantasy competitions are really great at driving performance spikes. If your team is dialing and on pace with their activity score, but you notice the connects are light, try out a call blitz to get a crazy dial spike and increase your chance for connects. We have a ton of sales contest examples here for you to try. 
  • Threshold competitions work great for motivating more of your sales teams. Anyone who reaches a certain threshold is eligible to win the prize in a raffle format or anyone who reaches the threshold can win a prize like a half day. They really keep the team from "giving up" when they know they may not finish first. Get some threshold sales contest ideas here.

>>>Download our gamification and scorecard templates here<<<

Setting up the perfect sales scorecard

Scorecards are most impactful when you nail the perfect blend of activities and objectives that produce the results you're after. This is why they are such a critical part of any quota attainment strategy. They will take some trial and error to weight the different activities correctly and really drive the performance you are after. Ambition can help teams with "smart benchmarking" to increase scorecard goals over time based on historical performance. Here is a look at how our outbound SDR teams set their activity and objective scorecards: 


>>>Download sales scorecard templates from the Atlanta Braves. Xactly, Ambition and more here<<<


Creating a sales contest that gets results

When creating the perfect sales contest, there is a framework that works well, but it isn't always black and white. Focusing sales competions on activity is a smart way to drive engagement from the entire team because it levels the playing field, but sometimes end result contests work well too. 

>>>Download sales gamification templates here<<<

Use celebration alerts to fire up the team

Part of what makes a sales contest successful is creating culture around contests. When the whole company is eager and bought in, it takes it to the next level. The stakes are higher when all eyes are on you. And when you automate the alerts, the rep just sits back and basks in the gifs and glory. When you are running and SDR contest around meeting sets, make sure everyone knows that way every meeting set alert gets celebration with a healthy side of trash talk. Set company wide alerts for progress to revenue goals then watch as everyone cheers the sales team on to quota. 

See the full "How Ambition Uses Ambition" webinar here:

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