Free, Downloadable Sales Templates

Browse our ever-growing library of free sales templates and sales plans created by leading sales experts from brands you know and trust. Download, copy and use them for every rep and role on your team.

These aren’t samples, suggestions, or guidelines: these are ready-to-use, plug-and-play sales templates that give you exactly what you need to be a top sales manager in your org. We have had over 2,600 downloads of these sales templates in the last year, and we are adding new templates every month so that you always have the latest sales strategies, plans, and tactics for your team.

Coaching Templates

Ready-to-use, plug-and-play sales coaching templates.


Scorecards Templates

Ready-to-use, plug-and-play sales scorecard templates.


Sales Contest Templates

Ready-to-use, plug-and-play gamification templates.


Sales Report Templates

Ready-to-use, plug-and-play report templates.

How to Create a Sales Plan Using Sales Templates

A successful sales plan requires laying out your strategy, tactics, budget, hiring plans and more. Here is a framework for a successful sales plan:

  • Mission Statement
    • Creating a mission statement helps sum up your sales plan into a succinct, memorable phrase.
  • State your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
    • If your team is outbounding, this will be crucial for scaling performance. If your team is 100% inbound, your ICP will still help inform talk tracks, website language and more.
  • Quota / Revenue targets
    • Establish these per team and per rep on a yearly, quarterly, and monthly basis.
    • Use the Sales Report Templates to inform progress toward these KPIs year round
  • Activity and Objective Targets
    • Based on what your team needs to sell or close, use historical data and conversion rates to determine how many calls, emails, social connections, meetings, etc it will take to achieve the results.
    • Map the activities like calls and emails as well as objectives like meetings into scorecard templates
  • Team
    • Include the current team and potential hires you’ll need to make.
    • Include your proposal for salary and bonus
    • Include your coaching programs and performance improvement plans by using our sales coaching templates.
  • Tech Stack
    • Include the budget for all current tools used and any you’d like to add.
    • If you are using a lot of our sales templates in your sales plan, consider adding Ambition as a tool in your stack to automate all of this and save you time!
  • Market
    • Any conditions or things that you take into account when forecasting your year should be included here as well.
  • Closed Revenue performance by rep and historical comparison

What Type of Sales Templates Should I use?

We are consistently building our sales template library so that you can execute your sales plans and sales coaching more efficiently than ever before. We offer the following types of sales templates:

  • Sales Coaching Templates
  • Sales Scorecard Templates
  • Quota / Revenue targets
  • Team
  • Tech Stack
  • Market
  • Closed Revenue performance by rep and historical comparison
When planning your upcoming year, quarter, or month, leverage our scorecard templates to create the perfect blueprint for your sales reps on how they can achieve their goals and targets. Launch a coaching program with various templates created by the best sales coaches around, and get the benefit of gamification with our Sales Contest Templates. When reporting your results on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, you can use our Sales Report Templates.