Need better performance insights from Salesforce? Download our Salesforce KPI Report and read this quick guide to Salesforce performance tracking.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Modern B2B sales organizations are no exception.

Want elite sales culture? Transparent goals and performance tracking is your great equalizer.

Learn how Wayfair doubled revenue-per-rep in its B2B sales team in 12 months.

Whether it’s a long-term goal or a short-term KPI: transforming siloed Salesforce performance data into public, visible, real-time insights breeds accountability.

Mastering Salesforce KPIs: Where to Start

Think about turn-of-the-century baseball - when cornerstone statistics like batting average and earned run average became the unifying standards of performance evaluation.

scorecard kpis

Watch National Business Capital convert Salesforce data into live scorecards.

It’s the modern era of business analytics and sales performance management. Your Salesforce data contains countless data points about at-bats, outs, and hits - ready to be transformed into a singular, unifying metric ala BA or OBP.

Forget sabermetrics and Billy Beane. This is 100 years behind that and 100 times simpler to implement.

Step 1. Map Sales Process

Goal: Communicate Clear Process Steps to Reps

How to Complete in SFDC: The only way to get visibility is to follow full process and add in all relevant "fields" and data.

Classic KPIs: Generations of marketing, sales, and customer success teams before now maintained two sets of stark, simple metrics.

  • Top-Line Goals
    • Marketing Qualified Leads
    • Annual Sales Quota
    • Customer Retention Rate Goal
  • Mission-Critical KPIs and Projects:
    • 2,000 Event Registrations
    • 100 Daily Outbound Dials
    • 100% Response Rate to Customer Tickets

Modern KPIs: The new frontier of business performance analytics highlights effort, competency and efficiency. The new vanguard of business technology is capable of presenting performance analytics in compelling new ways.

Instantly. And with remarkable clarity.

sales KPIs

KPI Examples By Role:

  • Sales Development Reps - Qualified Meetings Set, SQL-to-Opp conversion rate

  • Account Executives - Pipeline Created, Deals Closed, Revenue, Sales Cycle Length

  • Client Success Managers - Renewal Rate, Expansions

Step 2. Codify and Illustrate Process

Goal: Use Better Data to Create More Wins for Sales.

How to Complete in SFDC: Make it easy to recognize who is winning by tracking 2-3 key activity and objective metrics. Set benchmarks and track over time. Publicize correlations to show your reps how following process positively impacts them. (Hint: More $$$)

sdr kpis

A benefit of this step - you create better visibility into problems with "funnel conversions" by understanding where choke points exist and giving managers the insights they need to help their reps steer clear through trouble zones.

End result: better coaching.

Step 3. Track Data at Individual and Team Levels.

Goal: Codify personal and team goals, with built-in accountability mechanisms. 

How to Complete in SFDC: Establish intended actions and performance benchmarks for reps and the team. Focus recognition for achieving performance objectives on reps who abide by your established playbook.

sales team KPIs

Praise publicly. Create accountability to the team by tracking team metrics.

Commit to Clear Salesforce KPIs in Q2 

Done properly, the benefits of public, real-time KPIs, contests, and goal tracking will deliver immediate and long-term benefits to your culture, process, and bottom-line. 

salesforce business analytics

Looking to increase performance insights and transparency across your front office? Set up public, real-time performance analytics tracking with 3 goals in mind.

  • Focus and Inspire Reps. 
  • Enlighten and Enable Managers. 
  • Unify Teams and Culture.

Use these 3 simple end goals as your North Star. Use these 5 launchpoints to get started:

  1. Publicize what each team is doing.
  2. Place individual, team, and organizations goals front-and-center.
  3. Track progress towards each goal.
  4. Run inter-departmental SPIFs.
  5. Celebrate major wins as a front office.

Eating an elephant and hitting annual company quota both happen the same way - one bite (or performance milestone) at a time.

More Resources on Salesforce KPIs

Ambition: The #1 Salesforce Performance Management Tool

Ambition is a sales performance management platform endorsed by Harvard Business Review and AA-ISP (the Global Inside Sales Organization).  See why UPS, Aerotek and Wayfair use Ambition to enhance sales KPI clarity and drive their teams using real-time scorecards, dashboards, alerts, contests, and TV leaderboards. 

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