Sales teams live in a data-driven business world. But 18 months ago, Wayfair needed a team of forensic data scientists to find their sales team’s call data and critical sales KPIs, which were buried deep within their phone system.

The #1 Fastest-Growing Online Furniture Retailer and Boston's Best Place to Work achieved massive gains with Salesforce, Tenfold, and Ambition

Inaccessible data inhibited their B2B sales leadership's ability to ascertain next steps for growing sales headcount and structuring teams and processes. They set out to find a solution.

Wayfair's 1-Year Return-on-Investment

As this brand-new case study and accompanying video illustrates, Wayfair used Tenfold and Ambition to achieve massive growth in B2B sales revenue and productivity in 2016 and 2017.

Some key results:

  • 100 percent increase in sales revenue-per-rep
  • 2X increase in daily outbound call communication
  • 1-Year productivity lift equaling 100 additional sales employees
  • Total alignment on completed sales activities

Today, we are excited to share Wayfair's case study and video success story - co-produced by the teams at Ambition and Tenfold

How Wayfair Achieved 2X Sales Efficiency

Click here for a direct link to the case study. You can also watch our accompanying video below and download the PDF on the Ambition Academy.

Ambition Customer Highlight: Wayfair from Ambition on Vimeo.

Why Wayfair Adopted Ambition and Tenfold

After moving to, Wayfair needed systems that would automate data entry from their daily call activity and visualize key insights into the following:

  • Prospect and Client Data 
  • Conversation Length and Quality 
  • Call Activity
  • Sales Team Effectiveness on the Phone 

Wayfair had several stipulations for their search. They need solutions that were compatible with their existing telephony and CRM. They didn't want to sink a signicant amount of money into an additional IT investment in order to make a solution work. And they wanted user-friendly platforms that would allow them to capture the most amount of data with the least amount of friction. 

They settled on two systems they thought would have the highest buy-in from their sales team. Ambition and Tenfold

Ambition: Drive Sales Performance and Accountability

Ambition is a sales management platform that syncs business teams, data sources, and performance metrics on one system.

Ambition Customer Highlight: Outreach from Ambition on Vimeo.

Modern sales leaders use Ambition to enhance Harvard Business Review and AA-ISP (the Global Inside Sales Organization)

Contact us to schedule a demo of Ambition for your sales force today.

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