We are excited to present the 5th entry in our client-led Ambition video series: How I Use Ambition

Episode 5 features Rob Percoco, Technology Manager at National Business Capital. 

rob percoco

Rob has been the Ambition product owner at NBC since June 2016. He is a former-engineer who owns full responsibility over sales operations and tech support at NBC. For this episode, we focus on National Business Capital's Ambition use case as a BI solution built for the entire sales organization - integrating data from Salesforce, 8x8, New Voice Media, and more.

How I Use Ambition Ep. 5: National Business Capital  

Here are 10 digestible clips from the walkthrough. Remember - this is not a product demo. It's the real thing. See how Rob Percoco uses Ambition Academy

ow I Use Ambition Ep. 5: National Business Capital from Ambition

How I Use Ambition: Frontline Sales Intelligence 

See how National Business Capital uses Ambition to benchmark, track and visualize real-time company performance metrics from Salesforce. 

Key Quote: "It's so much easier to look at sales performance data on Ambition. Salesforce has a million different fields and foreign terminology to frontline reps. Ambition offers at-a-glance reporting that's easy to understand."

How I Use Ambition: Metric Builder 

Rob shows how he defines key sales metrics and attaches them to Salesforce standard and custom objects - plus additional integrations.  

Ambition sales technology Salesforce New Voice Media

How I Use Ambition: Advanced Metrics 

Rob shows how he builds Sales Efficiency metrics mapped from multiple Salesforce standard and custom objects - plus additional integrations such as DocuSign.  

Agile Sales Management

How I Use Ambition: User Roles

There are three sales-facing departments on Ambition: business development, relationship development experts, and account executives. Rob shows how he gives each role (plus its sub-roles) personalized metrics, KPIs, and goals based on their job functions at National Business Capital. 

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How I Use Ambition: User Dashboards

Rob shows how he uses Ambition to define, track and display sales KPIs from Salesforce.com on personalized sales dashboards and Salesforce sidebars.

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How I Use Ambition: Productivity Quadrant

Rob shows how he uses Ambition's Productivity Quadrant to get 360 degree visualizations of team performance and improve 1:1 coaching.

Learn More: Harvard Business Review and AA-ISP call Ambition a top service provider for inside sales teams.

How I Use Ambition: Benchmarks

See how Rob uses Ambition's Score Editor to benchmark and weight team metrics - giving his reps S.M.A.R.T goals for mission-critical sales activities and objectives. 

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How I Use Ambition: Office TVs 

See how Rob uses Ambition TV to showcase team leaders, track sales contests, announce new hires, and create performance-driven sales culture.  


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How I Use Ambition: Triggers

See how Rob uses Ambition Triggers to set data-based triggers that auto-generate alerts on sales team achievements.  

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Watch the Full Webinar Replay

Watch Rob walk through his entire Ambition account, take questions from Ambition CSO Jared Houghton, and explain how he uses Ambition to drive National Business Capital's business development efforts, existing client relationships, and bottom-line revenue.

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how i use ambition

Ambition: The Agile Sales Management Platform

Harvard Business Review and AA-ISP (the Global Inside Sales Organization).  See how Ambition helps enhance sales KPI visibility and sales floor engagement using real-time scorecards, dashboards, alerts, contests, and TV leaderboards. 

ambition sales enablement

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