Sales organizations live and die by their numbers. Modern sales leaders spend their days figuring a) where they currently stand with their key numbers, b) what it will take in terms of hustle and efficiency to hit their key numbers and c) how to push their team to reach those key numbers.

As a software platform, Ambition serves as the right hand of sales leadership facing these daily pressures. Our newest feature showcases why that is the case.

New Feature: Ambition Productivity Quadrant

What if you could see where your entire sales team stood, in terms of both hustle and goal completion, on a single grid? Well, now you can.

The Ambition Productivity Quadrant is designed to let sales leaders drill down into team member performance instantly.

As the graph denotes, the x-axis charts where team members fall on their Activity Scores, which typically include "hustle" metrics like calls, emails and so forth. The y-axis charts where team members fall on their Objective Scores, typically comprised of longer-team goal metrics like revenue, profit and closed deals.

The Ambition Productivity Quadrant, in effect, shows sales leaders who on their team is working hard and who is "working smart," so to speak. Managers can hover over each dot on the graph and see more specific data about the team member charting at that point.

Ambition Productivity Quadrant

The above image is an actual Ambition client's real-time Productivity Quadrant. (Names of company and sales team member redacted to protect the hustlers).

To pull up the name, activity and objective scores of the dot, a sales manager at that company merely has to go to their Ambition Quadrant and hover over it. From there, the manager can click the person's name and go to their Ambition profile, where they can drill deeper into performance.

Ambition Productivity Quadrant

For time-strapped sales leaders, the Ambition Productivity Quadrant is meant to give instant snapshots into how well their team and process are performing.  As the first graph denotes, managers can immediately visualize outliers in performance, seeing who is inordinately crushing it and who is lagging behind and then taking appropriate action.

Managers can also check the viability of their sales process, benchmarks and goals by looking at the graph as a whole. If, for example, 95 percent of their team falls in the bottom right quadrant, they might need to raise their Activity benchmarks, improve training or tweak their day-to-day sales process.

Develop Your Millennial Sales Talent with Ambition

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