Drive Inside Sales Performance at Scale

Ambition unlocks your sales performance data to make reps accountable and inspired.

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Broadcast Real-Time Sales KPIs

Ambition syncs directly with systems like Salesforce, allowing sales leaders to apply weights and benchmarks to standard and custom objects, then track reps in real-time.

Ambition makes it easy to track metrics, see where people are throughout the day and show how activity impacts goals. Updates in minutes, faster than any competitor.

Mark Christman

Business Development Manager | VorsightBP

Build Elite Sales Culture

Ambition broadcasts data onto real-time scorecards, leaderboards, dashboards, and TVs to keep your inside sales team focused, active and achievement-oriented. Deploy contests and YouTube anthems to foster healthy competition and public recognition.

Highly recommend Ambition over any other platform. My reps are obsessed and now log their activities correctly. Monthly SFDC activities have jumped 142% over 6 months.

Thomas Watanapun

Director of Sales | ZeroCater

Get Team Insights at Warp-Speed

Ambition keeps managers out of Excel by bringing powerful automation, flexibility and insight to sales performance reports. Get real-time alerts, schedule daily emails, and see overall team activity and efficiency in seconds.

Clayton Homes saw an 18% spike in outbound calls and 200% increase in qualified referrals from their 60 person inside sales team after adopting Ambition.

Ethan Bernstein

Leadership and Organizational Behavior Analyst | HBR

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