How 101 Ambition clients evaluate their teams via Salesforce KPIs.

Sales leaders today have the ability to access more data than ever before about their teams, which our research shows has become a two-headed monster for many managers:

salesforce inside sales kpi report

Problem A. On one hand, limitless data has transformed sales leaders into analysts, with reams of data to comb through for trends or KPI nightmares to address. On average, managers spend 10-12 hours per week analyzing Salesforce reports and dashboards.

Probelm B. On the other hand, limitless data poses a new challenge to today's sales leaders - find sales process insights, make correct adjustments to corresponding sales goals and KPIs, get affected members of your sales force to adjust accordingly.   

The Salesforce Inside Sales KPI Report: Background

Ambition’s sales platform offers an immediate solution for Problem A and proven vehicle for solving Problem B.  Every day, sales leaders from around the world and across industries come to Ambition looking to increase the effectiveness and performance of their sales organization.

When sales organizations invest in Agile Sales Management. to create KPI visibility, align goals and keep reps accountable to them via real-time, intelligent data insights and automation. 

The Salesforce Inside Sales KPI Report: Overview

Today, we’re launching our first Salesforce Inside Sales KPI Report, with the goal being to provide an annual point of inspiration as well as guidebook that inside sales leaders can reference to both build better KPIs and better sales organizations. To provide the following data, we polled a significant number of dynamic Inside Sales orgs currently utilizing Ambition with Salesforce. Our team distilled nuanced sales behavior tracking using Salesforce metrics to provide a generalized view, applicable to any high performing inside sales team.

Major findings:

  • Average KPIs: 14.5
  • Average Users: 48.75
  • Range of Roles Tracked: Minimum: 1. Maximum: 7.
  • Metrics: 58% of companies track Sales Efficiency Metrics.
  • Segmentation: 67% of companies segment SDRs / AEs.
  • Tech: 75% of companies use Auto-Dialer / CTI / Sales Acceleration.

All of the companies we talked to sold business-to-business, and had a dedicated inside sales process run by cradle-to-grave account executives, dedicated business development personnel, or segmented Sales Development and Demand Generation teams.

The KPI analysis shows how sales orgs track sales performance on a rep-by-rep basis via Salesforce + Ambition.  The report is segmented in half, with top-of-funnel KPIs focused on activity; bottom-of-funnel KPIs focused on objectives.

Download the Full Salesforce KPI Report

Click here to download the full Salesforce KPI Report and visit our Ambition-Salesforce Knowledge Center.

Modern sales leaders use Ambition to enhance sales performance insights and run supercharged sales reports, scorecards, contests, and TVs via drag-and-drop interface. Ambition has helped improve Salesforce KPI visibility for companies like WayfairFiveStars and Filemaker

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