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All of Your Data. All of Your Systems. All of Your Employees.
Ambition automatically creates dashboards for every employee, manager, and executive so they can track what's important day-in and month-out.
Toggle between short-term activities and long-term objectives
Visualize progress towards assigned benchmarks
Quickly determine productivity on an intuitive 1-100+ scale
Dashboards automatically created for every employee and group
Ambition is an easy way to get metric visibility from multiple systems, create performance goals, and track results from one simple interface.
AMX Logistics
Jared Moore
General Manager | AMX Logistics
Create a Template for Success and Scale Predictable Revenue.
Organize employees into roles and benchmark/weight short-term activities and long-term objectives. The Ambition Score empowers employees to own productivity without excuse.
Organize employees into their functional roles
Benchmark and weight long-term objectives
Benchmark and weight short-term activities
Ambition creates a high level of transparency, keeps employees accountable, and helped me run my most effective sales competition to date. My reps check it way more frequently than any Salesforce report.
Abraham Brandsetter
Outside Sales Manager | FiveStars Loyalty
Take "Praise in Public" to the Next Level.
Build automatic triggers to highlight top-performing employees on TVs across the office. The best part? They can set video "Anthems" for extra personalization.
Links must come from YouTube. Find a video and copy the link from the "Share" tab. More help available here.
Employee Profile Picture
My reps are obsessed with Ambition and in six months our SFDC activities have jumped 142%.
Thomas Watanapun
Director of Sales | Peek
KPI Fantasy Football. Challenges. Trash-Talk.
Ambition delivers sustainable gamification that works... the results have even been published in the Harvard Business Review.
Collaborate and compete week-to-week as a team
Chart progress as you take and lose the lead
Fire up your peers and celebrate wins
Ambition increased daily call volume 30% with zero negative feedback from my reps. The transparency and real-time feedback loop has improved daily productivity for both managers and reps.
Dallas Hogensen
Head of Commercial Sales | Lyft
Visualize Performance and Develop Better Employees.
With Ambition you can proactively monitor and coach behavior, down to how hard and smart each employee is working.
Filter by team, group, tenure, role or view company-wide
Assign metrics to each axis to plot correlation
Visualize productivity to more effectively coach employees based on their quadrant
I can't think of another system I'd integrate with Salesforce to keep track of sales goals. Ambition is a great way to manage and monitor sales team progress.
Zachary Snader
VP of Growth | AppointmentPlus