Welcome to the 6th installment of Top Ambition Anthems, where we profile the most epic YouTube clips our users have chosen to celebrate their achievements.

Every few months, we feature our users in a special article showcasing the creative ways they use Ambition. A fan-favorite feature of Ambition is the Ambition Anthem, which lets users select a personal Theme Song by copy-pasting a YouTube link into his or her settings. Whenever that person hits a performance benchmark set by his or her manager, that clip will auto-play on Ambition TV for the whole office to see.

The benefits of Ambition Anthems: immediate, personalized recognition for reps, more energy in the office, better team culture. Mariano RiveraRocky Balboa and Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson get their own theme music. Your front-office employees should, too. And since Ambition Anthems are hand-selected by each user, we take great pains to showcase the most imaginative and inspired choices our users are making.

User Spotlight: Top 5 Ambition Anthems from Fall 2016

Each Top 5 Ambition Anthems list starts with a call for submissions. We email our entire user list and request nominations for the best YouTube clips in rotation among our user base. This quarter, per usual, we received an incredibly diverse array of submissions. And our picks are in. Ladies and gentlemen, here are our Top 5 Ambition Anthems from the Fall of 2016.

1. Matthew Barry. Enterprise Regional Account Manager at Flexera Software.

Anthem: Shooter McGavin Montage.

Matthew Barry submitted his Ambition Anthem to us sans nomination pitch. Because when you've just painted the Mona Lisa, written Moby Dick, or selected the Shooter McGavin montage from Happy Gilmore as your Ambition Anthem, your work speaks for itself. 

Can we all just take a moment and appreciate what a pitch-perfect villain Shooter McGavin is in this movie? When he's not being the paunchy, pompous embodiment of milquetoast white America, he's putting little old ladies into nursing homes and going into Tonya Harding mode against his competitors. There's even a signature Shooter McGavin move! A ten out of ten, Mr. Barry. 

2. Turner Seal. Customer Loyalty Team Member at Custom Pro Logistics.

Anthem: Theoden's Speech: Lord of the Rings

Our runner-up for Top Fall Ambition Anthem goes to Turner Seal, who submitted an accompanying write-up that's utter genius and worthy of a blow-by-blow deconstruction. 

"This is simply the greatest speech of the 4th Age."*

Turner, you have our attention. 

"Aragorn tried to match it at the Black Gates, but his was lackluster."  

Taking your word for it. Go on. 

"When I succeed and hit a company quota, I don't just want people to know, I want people to be driven to achieve it themselves."

You're speaking our language, Turner. Nice tie-in. Ready for the closing argument...

"This speech led to the relief of Minas Tirith and was one of the final coherent sentences King Theoden spoke - that settles it." 

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you do an Ambition Anthem. You go for broke with a speech from a Tolkein epic. Then you back it up with brilliant grandiosity. Spectacular choice and write-up from Mr. Seal, here.

*Editor's Note: 3rd Age. No man should be able to edit the past without record.

3. Steven Wagner. Account Executive at Total Quality Logistics.

Anthem: Funny SoCo Commercial

Our first Portugese language Ambition Anthem! Here's an inspired choice from TQL Account Executive Steven Wagner, who writes in support of his pick: "Great song and even better dance moves. What more could you ask for? This one takes the cake." 

The dance moves ... the 80s Brazilian dance music ... the outfit and facial expression ... we don't know where to begin in our assessment of this staggering work of art. Does it make anyone on our team want to drink SoCo? Absolutely not. Did it have our entire office on the floor laughing in disbelief? You bet it did. Hats off to Mr. Wagner - this is how you spice up a Tuesday morning on the broker floor. 

4. Eric Scudder. Account Executive at UserTesting.

Anthem: "Feels Good" by Gibbz.

An excellent submission from Mr. Scudder, who matter-of-factly argues that "'Feels Good' should be a winning anthem for 2016 because we all know it 'feels good' when closing deals!"

Our team loved the mellow vibe we got from this Anthem. "Feels Good" is the type of song your record store-roving, music obsessive college buddy used to play between classes. It's also a free, legal way to immediately reduce high blood pressure. We're guessing Mr. Scudder's non-misanthropic officemates at UserTesting agree.

5. Joshua Pacheco. Account Manager at Peek

Anthem: "La Gozadera" by Gente de Zona.

Our first Spanish language Ambition Anthem! "La Gozadera" is an excellent choice from Peek's Joshua Pachecho - who nominated his Anthem with the following write-up:

"This song deserves Top Ambition Anthem status because it embodies the salesman who sells internationally and is killing it internationally, inviting all those of Latin America to join in the cause. The song has flavor, has soul, has energy ... it just sells."  

We appreciate this choice for as an ambassador of multiculturalism, proof that Marc Anthony is still alive and well, and the type of song that immediately transports the Ambition team to a cantina in the Bahamas surrounded by beaches, ice cold beverages, and carefree partygoers. Gracias, Mr. Pachecho.

Honorable Mention. Joe Yanez. Sr. Sales Lead at West Corp.

Anthem: Theme from "Rocky."

Our next Ambition Anthem comes courtesy of West Sr. Sales Lead Joe Yanez, who submits the canonical "Gonna Fly Now" on behalf of his team because it eptimozes "motivation and striving to succeed."

To be frank, this Anthem could probably rank number one on this list. The only reason it places 5th is because it's the original Ambition Anthem. Our CSO Jared Houghton loves "Gonna Fly Now" so much he insisted on putting it in the product demo back when the feature debuted in Spring 2015. Salute to Mr. Yanez and his team for keeping the tradition alive with this, the starting point for all Ambition Anthems. 

Ambition Anthems: These Sales Gongs Go To 11

Congrats once again to all those who made our Top 5 Ambition Anthems list. Your selections have disturbed, enlightened and inspired us, often all at the same time. We'll be back soon with another edition of our Top 5 Anthems list. 

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For more information on Ambition Anthems and other product features, check out our Product Overview, Customer Testimonials, and our interactive product demo. And most importantly, thanks to all of our committed Ambition users. We're privileged to work with all of you. Keep enjoying the platform and being amazing clients, in general. See you next time! 

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