Welcome to the 5th installment of our Top Ambition Anthems series, where we profile the most epic YouTube clips our users are choosing to celebrate achievements.

Before we get to the list, we should start by answering a critical question for the uninitiated: What's an Ambition Anthem? 

An Ambition Anthem is a YouTube clip each Ambition user sets as their personal theme song. The moment you close a deal, complete a daily benchmark or reach some other goal designated by your manager, your Ambition Anthem plays the audio and video from your chosen YouTube clip on Ambition TV.

The results: Immediate, personalized recognition for reps. More energy in the sales bullpen. Better team culture. Look at it this way: Mariano RiveraRocky Balboa and Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson get their own theme music. Why shouldn't your sales team members? 

Ambition users have that option. And as you're about to find out, they have A LOT of fun with it. These were our 5 favorite Ambition Anthems from the past few months.

Top 5 Ambition Anthems: Spring 2016

As with our other Top 5 lists, we received an incredibly diverse set of submissions from our users. To view past Top Ambition Anthems, check out this list:

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Our picks are in for the top 5 Ambition Anthems from Spring 2016. Congrats to this edition's winners. Ladies and gentlemen, here are our Top 5 Ambition Anthems from the Spring of 2016.

1. Johnny Morgano. Total Quality Logistics. Voodoo Child (Slight Return).

TQL Logistics Broker Johnny Morgano is in good company, following the likes of Hulk Hogan and other ultimate badasses who made Jimi Hendrix's inimitable guitar anthem their very own theme song.

We've featured a wide variet of genres in past Top Anthems lists, but the classic rock genre has been criminally underrated. Congratulations to Johnny Morgano for digging the classics and keeping the spirit of '68 alive and well in the TQL bullpen.  

2. Ryan Weiland. Actifio. Mo' Money Mo' Problems

Sometimes the best Ambition Anthems are the most obvious. Looking back, I'm shocked that no one nominated "Mo' Money Mo' Problems" sooner. Thank God that Actifio's Mid-Atlantic Region Account Executive Ryan Weiland is here. 

As some of you might know, the Apex Predator wrote a controversial blog post calling out InsideSales.com's rap-deficient list of pump-up songs for sales reps. Thank you, Ryan, for helping us remember that when it comes to celebrating a closed deal, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better option than the hip-hop classics handed down to us by the likes of Biggie, Jay-Z and Young Jeezy.  

3. Rachel Mines. FiscalNoteCotton Eye Joe

The best Ambition Anthem doesn't have to endear you to your office peers. Some of history's most diabolical affronts to music make for excellent Ambition Anthem choices. Case in point: this choice by FiscalNote Business Development Associate, Rachel Mines.

Back in simpler times, a.k.a. the mid-1990s, you couldn't attend a sports event, bar mitzvah or sleazy local watering hole and not hear this Jock Jams staple. To the Rednex's credit, they discovered the perfect, unholy alliance between mindless 90's dance pop and faux-hillbilly vocals/lyrics. Proper respects to the FiscalNote team to Rachel Mines for resurrecting this forgotten 90s treasure - and to her FiscalNote peers who must relive Jr. High every time they hear it.

4. Erik Ostrom. UPS. My Hero

Incidentally, both "Cotton Eyed Joe" and our number four Ambition Anthem, "My Hero" by the Foo Fighters, share a number of commonalities. They're both huge hits that are synonymous with the mid-1990s. There's likely to be played at the next major sports event you attend. And ... the similarities end there. 

Credit to UPS Technology Solutions Consultant Erik Ostrom for choosing a song that, in all likelihood, his peers enjoy hearing regularly at UPS. "My Hero" is one of the most positive, uplifting and undeniably ass-kicking tracks to emerge from the 90s alternative music scene. The YouTube clip featuring an epic rescue from a burning building only adds to the appeal. Great work, Erik.

5. Brendan McGrail. NextCaller. SpottieOttieDopalicious.

Our first ever two-time Top Ambition Anthem! SpottieOttie made February's list and returns again after a self-nomination from NextCaller Account Executive Brendan McGrail. 

"The name says it all," Brendan wrote in submitting his nomination. Brilliantly succinct submission, Brendan. That's pretty much all you need to know.

Ambition Anthems: These Sales Gongs Go To 11

Congrats once again to all those who made our Top 5 Ambition Anthems list. Your selections have disturbed, enlightened and inspired us, often all at the same time. We'll be back soon with another edition of our Top 5 Anthems list. For more information on Ambition Anthems and other product features, check out our Product Overview and our interactive product demo

And as always, thanks to all of our committed Ambition users. We're privileged to work with all of you. Keep enjoying the platform and being amazing clients, in general. See you next time! 

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