One of the most popular features on the Ambition platform is the Ambition Anthem: a 10 second audio clip each employee selects as his or her "theme" to play on Ambition TV and notify the office of an accomplishment. The Ambition Anthem tends to resonate with our users because employees love recognition the most when it is timely, public, and personalized. 

In other words, the same reason college basketball teams announce starting lineups to the tunes of "Eye of the Tiger," hockey goals trigger both a siren and the Blur's "Song 2" and relief pitchers take the mound to "Enter Sandman." To celebrate our favorite user Ambition Anthems, we're focusing our second User Spotlight on profiling our 5 favorite Ambition Anthems being used today.

Top 5 Ambition Anthems of September

Last month, we polled Ambition users, asking them to nominate their favorite Ambition Anthems.  We got some incredible responses. Some users nominated a team member's anthem. Other users nominated their own. 

The following 5 were our favorites from those submissions. Congrats to this month's winners. Ladies and gentlemen, here are our Top 5 Ambition Anthems of September 2015. 

1. Carrow Thibault. FluentStream. "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus. 

The Ambition Anthems we appreciate the most tend to be one of the following: Intense, passionate, adrenaline-stoking, over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek, unusual and/or utterly ridiculous.

This one is all of the above. Big ups to FluentStream Account Executive Carrow Thibault for showing the rest of the Ambition world how to celebrate daily success in a way as memorable as Miley's 2013 VMA performance.

FluentStream Technologies Director of Marketing Josh Ellis made the nomination. Here's the rationale he gave for his selection.

"One of my sales reps, Carrow Thibault, has been rocking Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus.  While everyone else switches their Anthem up every deal, he's stayed committed to that song, which is queued up perfectly for the chorus of the song."

The other departments laugh, but this powerful pop ballad has somehow turned into a very motivating song for the sales team as a whole (as strange as that sounds)."       

Bonus points for total commitment, Carrow. And congratulations on having the top Ambition Anthem of September 2015.

2. Nick Austin. Seven Resourcing. "Superbad" by James Brown.

As a Senior Recruiting Consultant at Seven Resourcing's Nursing division, Nick Austin gets major love for punctuating new placements with the Godfather of Funk.

Another brilliant aspect of this choice goes to the premiere purpose of the Ambition Anthem -- to draw attention and recognition to Ambition user successes the second they happen.

Nick's Ambition Anthem literally screams, "Watch me!" Bonus points for lack of subtlety, Nick.

It's also a testament to the Ambition user base that the top 5 Ambition Anthems this month span five decades of music. This may be the only list you'll ever read that includes both James Brown and Miley Cyrus.

Nick, well done. Keep bringing the funk across the pond.

3. Katie Long. Fitzmark. "12th Man (Seattle Seahawks Anthem)."

Ambition's Co-Founders (and Marketing Director) are all graduates of the University of Tennessee - you better believe we have a huge appreciation for team fight songs.

Fitzmark Business Development Associate Katie Long gets major points from us for using her Ambition Anthem to simultaneously celebrate a personal huge success and represent her beloved Seahawks.

In giving us the rationale behind her Anthem, Katie scores additional points for customizing the song's start time for maximum effect.

"I moved from Seattle to Indy about six months ago and it fits perfect. I have mine set to start at 10 seconds so it says “Seattle: Stand out!” Kinda corny but it's awesome!"

Not corny at all, Katie. Glad to see you stepping up in the new surroundings - on behalf of my Fantasy team, I'm hoping that Jimmy Graham follows suit.

4. Aaron Barkman. Appointment-Plus. “All Day” by Kanye West.

Zach Snader, Demand Gen and Marketing Specialist for Appointment-Plus nominated this Ambition Anthem from team member Aaron Barkman with this brilliantly succinct rationale:

"Hell of a song for a close."

We've been Team Yeezy since Day 1 here at Ambition. The man knows how to make it rain, rock his own success and live the jet-setting, high-roller lifestyle as well as anyone.

As sheer hype music, "All Day" is on an elite level.  When Aaron locks down a huge deal for Appointment Plus, his personal soundtrack of success sounds exactly like Parks and Rec's Tom Haverford's would. Which might be the ultimate compliment we can give an Ambition Anthem. 

5. Owen Kinnick. Steam Logistics. “Space Jam.”

A short list of best-in-class and worst-in-class soundtracks for Ambition Anthems.

Worst-in-class: Garden State. The Titanic. Donnie Darko (Joy Division and 80's post-punk is great, but has no business in your sales bullpen).

Best-in-class: Any Given Sunday. Notorious. And of course, Space Jam. 

Nominated by fellow broker Henry Byers, Owen Kinnick's Ambition Anthem is a stone-cold classic. Best believe the crew at Steam has fun with this one.

Any time you can celebrate booking a new freight load while reliving your fond childhood memories of Michael Jordan's 1996 cinema classic, you're doing Ambition Anthems right. Great work, Owen.

Ambition Anthems: These Sales Gongs Go To 11

Congrats once again to all those who made our inaugural Top 5 Ambition Anthems list. It's heartening to see Ambition users with success excellent taste in pump-up music.

We'll be back soon with Edition Two of our Top 5 Anthems list. For more information on Ambition Anthems and other product features, check out our product overview page and our interactive product demo

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