Welcome to the 4th installment of the Top Ambition Anthems series, where we profile the most epic YouTube clips our users are broadcasting in their sales bullpens on Ambition TV.

Ambition offers a number of powerful features to our clients - but a user favorite remains the Ambition Anthem. What's an Ambition Anthem? It's a YouTube clip each Ambition user selects to play on Ambition TV the second he or she closes a deal, hits a KPI benchmark or reaches a designated goal.

The results: Immediate, personalized recognition for reps. More energy in the sales bullpen. Better team culture.

A final note before we get to the list: Our new eBook, 25 Epic Videos to Inspire Your Salesforce, is available for free download on the Ambition Academy. Check it out. Now, onto last month's top Ambition Anthems.

Top 5 Ambition Anthems: February 2016

We're featuring 8 user Ambition Anthems in this list - a top 5 plus 3 honorable mentions. Our users emailed in their nominations - some chose a peer's Ambition Anthem, while others nominated their own.  

Our picks are in. Congrats to this month's winners. Ladies and gentlemen, here are our Top 5 Ambition Anthems from the 2nd month of 2016.

1. Tim Prugar. NextCaller. "The Ultimate Warrior Entrance Video." 

PSA: In the pantheon of "Ambition Anthem genres," throwback WWF/WCW wrestling entrance videos rank about as high as you can go.

Case in point: "The Ultimate Warrior Entrance Video." Who needs words/lyrics when you can watch clips of a vintage, steroid-era WWF superstar running around maniacally as generic TitanTron rock riffs play in the background. 

R.I.P. Ultimate Warrior. And more importantly, R.I.P. to NextCaller Account Exec. Tim Prugar's humility. Massive, massive respect for the relentless campaigning on behalf of your Ambition Anthem, Tim.

First, you sent us these tweets. Then, after we published last month's list, this email. Finally, after our last call for Anthem nominations earlier this week, you felt compelled to respond once again.

We love the obsession determination. If you pursue your sales opportunities with half as much enthusiasm as a spot on this list, you're bona fide Apex Predator material. Keep crushing it.

2. Amanda Mermelstein. Actifio. "Afternoon Delight: Anchorman."

Anytime you can work Will Ferrell into your Ambition Anthem, you're doing something right. Credit goes to Actifio Inside Sales Rep. Amanda Mermelstein, however, for taking that dogma to the next level. 

To paraphrase Mr. Ferrell in this clip, if you don't think this is one of the greatest Ambition Anthems ever, we will fight you. 

Some Anthems fire you up. Some are pure gloating. And some make you double over in hysterics as you watch Ron Burgundy choke on a mouthful of whipped cream. Very, very strong choice here by Amanda. 

3. Gentry Smith. Reliance Partners. "Randy Moss - One Clap."

First of all, major round of applause to Gentry Smith for becoming the first Ambition user to go back-to-back on our Top Ambition Anthems list.

You're progressing nicely towards becoming a first-ballot Ambition Anthem Hall of Fame inductee, Gentry. (And, mark my words, there will be a Hall of Fame one day).

Not only is "One Clap" a perfect embodiment of what an Ambition Anthem should be, it's also one of the classic "Viral YouTube Clips" of its time.

Like 99% of NFL supporters outside the Boston era around 2010, I regarded the New England Patriots with pure, unwavering contempt.

Except for Randy Moss. It's impossible to hate anyone who describes his job as "take the ball deep, take the top off the defense." If Randy ran for President right now, I'm not saying I'd vote for him - but I'd at least think about it.

4. Joseph Pak. FiscalNote. "Never Gonna Give You Up." 

Our 4th favorite User Ambition from last month comes courtesy of FiscalNote's Joseph Pak, in a write-in nomination from his colleague Tom Guthrie. 

Because what better way to celebrate closing a deal than by RickRolling your entire office.

Mr. Pak knows that when you blare feel-good 80's music on your sales floor, you're not only celebrating with style, but making the world a better place.

In terms of quality 80s Ambition Anthems, "Never Gonna Give You Up" ranks up there with past Top Ambition Anthem "Careless Whisper" and any song off the American Psycho soundtrack as a premiere choice.

Excellent stuff from the FiscalNote business development team - who have more to come on this list.

5. Jon Cook. Steam Logistics. "SpottieOttieDopaliscious."

Let's pause for a moment and revisit this clip from a recent news feature on Ambition.

Does Jon Cook have incredible taste in 90s hip hop? Did our leadership team get ridiculously fired up that this - a personal favorite of the Ambition office - was the Anthem that the news team captured? 

Yes and yes. 

It warms my ice-cold heart that a song with this much effortless swagger, vintage selection and personal appeal to the Ambition team only came in 5th this month.

Let the record show that this is the strongest Top 5 list we've had yet.

Hon. Mention. Brandon McGrail. NextCaller. "Rubberband Man."

Coming live from the V.I.P. is NextCaller's Brandon McGrail, with our 1st Honorable Mention.

Major props, Brandon, for selecting the song that put T.I. on the map, soundtracked my prom and created a great new term for "someone who has lots of cash."

Worth noting: This is our 2nd consecutive month with a Tip Harris appearance on the list. I see a pattern emerging.

Hon. Mention. Mike Issa. Fitzmark. "He's a Mental Giant."

Some of you may have been wondering: "Is there a place in hip hop for someone who combines the street-level perspective of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, the rock production of Cypress Hill and the lyrical dexterity of Jurassic 5?"

Fitzmark Carrier Sales Team Leader Mike Issa has your answer. 

In "I'm a Mental Giant," Tech N9ne's personal boasts come fast and furious. Just like the deals and revenue when this song is playing in the Fitzmark sales bullpen.

Excellent choice, Mike. Comrades, take note.

Hon. Mention. Tom Guthrie. FiscalNote. "IMDABES."

Our 8th and final top Ambition Anthem from February is inspired, hilarious and definitely NSFW.

When FiscalNote Revenue Operations Manager Craig Burel shot us this nomination for his colleague, Tom Guthrie, our minds were reeling.

Yep - this is by far the most extreme Ambition Anthem we've seen yet. And Mr. Guthrie, to his credit, completely owns it.  

I emailed him: "Can't decide if FiscalNote has the best - or most dysfunctional - office culture on the planet." His response: "Definitely the best and the most dysfunctional. We love Ambition, by the way." 

Tom, we love you guys. Keep killing it. And keep blaring this track as you do so.

Ambition Anthems: These Sales Gongs Go To 11

Congrats once again to all those who made this month's Top Ambition Anthems writeup. We'll be back in April with our 5th edition of the list. 

As always, thanks to all of our committed Ambition users. We're privileged to work with you guys. For readers who want to learn more about Ambition, check out these client-driven product walkthroughs from ChowNow VP of Sales Drew Woodcock, Outreach Sales Development Managers Alex Lynn and Jordan Greaser, and AMX Logistics General Manager Jared Moore.

Ambition: The Only Sales Management Software that Matters

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Ambition clarifies and publicizes real-time performance analytics for your entire sales organization. Using a drag-and-drop interface, non-technical sales leaders can build custom scorecards, contests, reports, and TVs.

Ambition is endorsed by Harvard Business Review, AA-ISP (the Global Inside Sales Organization), and USA Today as a proven solution for managing millennial sales teams. Hear from our customers below.

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  5. Access America Transport: Ted Alling. Chief Executive Officer.

Watch Product Walkthroughs:

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