They are the heroes of your sales organization.

The Lucius Foxes to your teams of Bruce Waynes.

The people using tools, techniques, and training to power your sales force to achieve its full potential.

Of course, I’m talking about your sales enablement and operations leaders. 

22 Sales Enablement Geniuses to Follow in 2023

Here at Ambition, we’ve been helping sales enablement leaders excel since the early 2010s.

We’ve watched the need for sales enablement grow within the modern sales organization, and we’ve taken notes from some of the best sales enablement leaders along the way. 

Give them a follow and learn from their greatness. 

Alexandria Forbes. Manager, BI and CRM at Phoenix Suns.

The leader of Business Intelligence and CRM platforms at one of America’s hottest sports franchises (literally and figuratively). Get to know Alexandria to see how a top professional sports franchise enables its sellers.

Alison Martin. VP Revenue Operations at AlertMedia.

AlertMedia has been on a growth tear over the past year thanks to the arrival of Alison Martin, a strong revenue operations leader fresh off an 8 year stint at Sovos.

Brandy Ringler. Director, Sales Enablement at Gong.

There’s an Inception-like quality to being the Director of Sales Enablement at one of the best sales enablement tools in the world. Connect with Brandy to learn how Gong empowers its own sales force.

Bryan Van Auken. Director of Revenue Operations at Service Express.

The IT badasses at Service Express know a thing or two about sales enablement. Link up with Bryan Van Auken to get an inside look at how they support their own revenue teams.

Danielle Marquis. Vice President of Revenue Operations at Zappi.

Danielle is an O.G. of the sales enablement space. She worked at Carbonite, Invaluable, and Hudl, where she made a name for herself within the industry. She’s continued that hot streak at Zappi. A great person to connect with and learn from about all things revenue operations.

Doug Landis. Growth Partner at Emergence Capital.

Doug is one of the founding fathers of modern sales enablement. As VP Sales Productivity at Box, he helped one of the earliest high-growth SaaS startups in Silicon Valley reach escape velocity and scale to an IPO. Follow Doug for the latest and greatest insights on all things revenue enablement.

Emma Shippee. Senior Revenue Enablement Manager at Ambition.

We’re partial to our own Emma Shippee, a veteran of EventBrite and Impact, who’s a pro at working cross-functionally to develop impactful training programs and resources and upskill CS and sales reps alike. She’s a must-connect for anyone interested in sales enablement, and she hosts our monthly enablement community meetup. Register here to join next month!  

Hsio Ling Hee. Revenue Operations Manager, Sales at Clearbit.

Clearbit continues to be at the forefront of revenue operations in 2023, thanks in part to the efforts of its own Revenue Operations Manager Hsio Hing Lee. Connect with her to learn how Clearbit powers sales enablement inside its organization.

Jared Robin. Co-Founder at RevGenius.

Jared has been championing the cause of sales enablement for years and has made it a core pillar of his company RevGenius, an invaluable resource for revenue operations leaders everywhere. Follow Jared for almost-daily sales enablement insights on LinkedIn.

Kate Michalowski. GTM Enablement Manager at Melio.

Kate is quickly establishing herself as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking names in sales enablement, operating as a swiss-army knife covering all go-to-market segments for high-growth company Melio. Give her a follow on LinkedIn, and watch this webinar to hear how she’s accelerating enablement effectiveness at Melio. 

Katie Stevens. Director of Sales Operations and Enablement at AMAROK Security.

The fine folks at AMAROK Security are miles ahead of the rest of their market when it comes to sales enablement. Katie and her team are proof that you don’t need to be in a trendy industry to have a futuristic sales stack. 

Liz Barton. VP Revenue Operations at Maxio.

Liz is an all-purpose revenue operations badass who has driven Maxio to seemingly overnight success in the finance sector of the SaaS industry. A worthwhile connection for anyone with an interest in learning more about sales enablement.

Beth Meadows. Director, Sales Enablement at Upwork.

Upwork is changing the game of work with the help of women like Beth Meadows, who leads the sales enablement function for the managed marketplace driving the future of work. Connect with Beth on LinkedIn.

Mallory Lee. VP Revenue Operations at Nylas.

A revenue operations executive with one of the most impressive resumes around. Mallory had a key role in scaling some of the biggest tech success stories of the last decade, including ExactTarget, Terminus, and now Nylas. A great follow for anyone looking to grow as a Sales Enablement leader. She recently joined us on a webinar about scaling sales enablement strategies and left us with some amazing takeaways. Watch it here

Matt Schalsey. Director of Enablement at Advantive.

A veritable wealth of sales enablement information, Matt is the Co-Founder of The Enablement Squad and currently serves as Director, Enablement for Advantive. Another foundational resource for sales enablement leaders looking to learn from the best. He recently joined us during Enablement Monday Meetup, our monthly exchange of ideas over coffee and community. Sign up for our next meetup here.

Randolph Boppe. Sales Operations Manager at BSN Sports.

An up-and-comer in the sales enablement world, Randolph played a big role at Greensky before moving to BSN Sports. His background with SalesLoft, Outreach, ZoomInfo, Gong, Ambition, Tableau, Creatio, Salesforce, Marketo, and Pardot makes him a well-rounded bevy of enablement knowledge. 

Rebecca Hill. Director of Sales Operations at Product School.

A force of nature at GDS Group, Rebecca is now leading Sales Ops at Product School, where she is looking to apply the same cutting-edge approach to sales enablement that brought so much success to GDS.

Renae Syndergaard. Head of Revenue Enablement at BILL.

Renae is a rising star in the sales enablement world, now leading all revenue enablement teams within A great connection for anyone looking to learn the ins and outs of sales enablement. 

Renard Smoots. Manager, Sales Performance Coaches + Strategic Projects at T-Mobile.

A coach’s coach helping enable the teams inside of T-Mobile with world-class training and leadership, Renard is a true sales coach through and through. The Pete Carroll (to steal a great coach from his alma mater) of the sales world.

Renee Mouawad. Director, Revenue and Sales Operations at Validity.

Renee is a hero of sales enablement, powering the revenue teams at Validity since 2021. A great person to get to know in the sales ops world.

Travis Henry. Director, Sales Ops and Enablement at Snowflake.

Revered amongst his peers for his work at Snowflake, Travis was named the MVP of OpsStars 2022 and continues to be a shining example of what the Sales Enablement role can mean within a world-class sales organization. Connect with Travis to see what’s happening inside one of the hottest tech companies in the world.

Trevor Frodsham. Sales Operations Analyst at Graphic Products.

What does it take to be a jack of all trades sales ops leader at a small but high-growth company? Ask Trevor. He’s been leading the sales ops team at Graphic Products for years now, and has an uncanny ability to punch above his team’s weight class with the quality of enablement he brings to the table. 

The Future of Sales Enablement is Here

Be sure to follow these people to learn the ins and outs of sales enablement in 2023 and beyond.

More than ever, we are firmly convinced of one thing: the Golden Age of sales enablement is here. 

Learn from the best and get your sales team performing at its most efficient and effective in 2023.