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Integrate SalesLoft with Ambition to score and gamify performance

SalesLoft is a widely adopted sales automation platform that comes complete with auto-dialer, call recording, voicemail templates, email tracking, and other sales acceleration features. 

SalesLoft data is typically integrated into Ambition through a Salesforce integration. You don't need to separately integrate SalesLoft if you already have SalesLoft integrated with Salesforce. The out-of-the-box Salesforce integration into Ambition will bring in SalesLoft data as well.

The SalesLoft integration is typically represented in Salesforce as Account, Activity, and Opportunity records-- all of which can be flexibly integrated into Ambition

Examples for how teams score and compete on sales acceleration data

  • Broadcast leaderboards in Slack to showcase top reps for dials, connects, emails and more
  • Create activity scorecards and weight activities so reps have a daily focus for benchmarks and leaders have visibility into performance
  • Launch an on-going fantasy competition where reps compete on connects to meetings set