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Integrate your Outreach sales engagement data with Ambition to gamify sales activities and objectives

Outreach is the leading sales engagement platform chosen by sales teams to scale activities like dials, emails, and more. Sales teams integrate Outreach with Ambition so they can automate sales contests like call blitzes or fantasy competitions based on meeting sets or pipeline generated. Ambition automates all contest data, leaderboard data, sales clubs and awards powered by the integration. 

Examples for how sales teams use Outreach + Ambition 

  • Run a shakespeare competition for the month to see who gets the most email opens
  • Power a dial blitz to award a winner for the most connects or dials in an hour
  • Showcase talk time leaderboards in slack or on sales TVs
  • Create activity scorecard and set benchmarks and weights for calls, emails, etc so reps can work toward a 100% each day on sales activity
  • Receive an alert if a rep has less than half of daily dial benchmark by noon
  • Trigger a celebration alert into Slack when reps make 60+ dials in a day

Ambition has helped double our SDR productivity. Great support. Easy to use. Beautiful visual leaderboards. The customized anthems are addictive to my reps-- Mark Kosoglow, VP Sales, Outreach (and Ambition customer! ) 

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